A little lip love can go a long way. Four Moisturizing products to keep your pout pretty, even in the middle of a Polar Vortex!
by: Zeba Khan
Learn how to dress for the winter (Hint: proper layering is key) because the warmer your kids are, the longer they will stay outside.
Before you send your kids off to school make sure they have these five pieces of essential clothing so they can look cool and feel warm.
by: Zeba Khan
kid in snow
What do you think? Should you kids be kept inside at recess on really cold days?
frozen bubble
Blowing bubbles and turning water into snow...just remember you need to be careful. Boiling water IS hot even in the arctic air.
I've got the winter blues and I can't remember why we voluntarily live in this cold again. Jog my memory, won't you?
If you have coping skills and inspirational survival tips to get through this never ending cold weather, I want to hear them!