BlissDom Canada 2014: How Do You Find Your Bliss?

BlissDom Canada is just around the corner! We asked our writers to share their best tips for helping this year's conference attendees find their bliss.


There are tips to improve your health and great conference looks on a budget, to ways you can relieve stress and reclaim your life. Bookmark this page as we continue to add new articles to help you to add bliss to your life.

BlissDom brings the online into real life—to look at social media friends in the eye and deepen relationships. Will we see you there?
by: Erica Ehm
How many of these four must-have conference items do you have? What's the tech item you can't live without?

Not getting the most out of a conference? It might be because you're treating it like a service and not like this.
You need to bookmark these: Canadian bloggers who will make you think, laugh, slack off at work, and more.

What to Wear to Blissdom Canada
Need outfit inspiration for BlissDom Canada? Marry comfort and style with these two fashionable choices.
Nervous about attending a large conference? Here are the three biggest conference fears and how to overcome them.
Here are five good reasons you'll want to attend Blissdom Canada this year.
writing a stand out bio
If you want a great bio follow you'll want to hit all "5 Ws" and never, ever break this cardinal rule.
You get out of it what you put into it and other life lessons learned while working out.
Instead of rejecting the fun of summer, Hailey is embracing it and using Blissdom to move her career forward. Here's how you can do the same.
5 tips to get you out of your comfort zone
Suck it up, buttercup and other tips to help you survive mixing and mingling at a conference.
blogger on safari
The ever elusive hunt for balance is on and if you search in these places you might just find it.
Read this then do at least one of these things right now. Easy tips to help you have a better today because you deserve it!
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Real tips from a stand-up comedian to help you succeed in front of an audience.
Want your blog post to be shared more? Add pictures! Here are ten things you can do to take your photos from boring to brilliant.
Spill it! Did you take a babymoon as a last shot at having some relaxing time with your partner before the baby arrived?
6 Easy SEO Tips Bloggers Need To Start Using Now
You've written an amazing blog post but before you hit publish, make sure you've implemented these six SEO tips so it gets seen.
Five quick and healthy go-to lunches for when your short on time but still want a meal that packs a nutritious punch.
A picture is worth a thousand words and other tips that will make your recipe posts more social media friendly.
How to not be an online bully
Ten easy steps on how not to be an online bully that everyone should read.
by: Alex Thom
Tips to help you stay calm when everyone else around you is blowing their tops.
If the thought of strolling into a conference room full of strangers leaves you feeling anxious, here are ten ways to overcome your stress.
Suppertime scramble can be the most stressful time of day for moms. Get rid of the stress and create dinner bliss with these five easy steps.
blissful moment with child
Three easy ways to treat yourself like a star and find your bliss.
Want to live your life to the fullest? Use these seven steps to get a clear understanding of what's important in your personal and professional life.
Strategic storage and office inspiration to bring you the best in your blogging.
Easy weeknight meals to keep you and your family nourished when times are hectic.
by: Lara Katz
The four most important items to pack for the Blissdom Canada Conference. It's not what you think.
Five self-help books that can help you achieve new purpose and attain the success and bliss you've been looking for.
women network meeting
Three tips so you can add extra meaning and purpose to your conference experience.
mom blogger
While many people lament that blogging takes them away from their families, I have 13 reasons why blogging actually makes me a better mother.
Ditch your diet and use these four steps to create healthy eating habits that are realistic and rewarding.
Five ways to incorporate movement into your family's every day life.
Every choice you have in life–whether unwanted or needed–is an opportunity to make a change.
You are here sign
Why not make the most of going back to work by finding your bliss?
Having a conversation with friends and friends-to-be needn’t be difficult if you follow these tips.
You can fantasize about running away to the Maldives but the reality is, if you want to de-stress you need to do this.
Gigamom Blissdom
There’s nothing worse than picking up your mobile device at a conference and seeing that the battery power is almost gone. Here’s how to avoid that problem.
Why you need to open yourself up to ALL the opportunities you'll have to meet new people this coming weekend.
Be Conference Classy, Not Conference Clueless
Ten ways to make attending a blogger conference less awkward.
Learn from Kelly Medd's conference mistakes—what to do and what not to do at blogging conferences.