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BlissDom Canada Will Kick-Start My Official 'Back to Work' Plan

Currently, I’m up to my eyeballs in Mommy Camp. I’m trying out the role of get-into-the-sandbox-and-wading-pool-with-my-kids, leave-my-iPhone-in-my-purse, PLAY-at-home mommy. And despite what I previously imagined, I’m actually having a lot of fun. But, every time I sit down at my computer to work…even if just for five minutes…this happens:

(That's me trying to work and my daughter climbing up on my lap, suddenly needing attention...immediately!)

As a result, I’m getting very little done in the work department. Case in point: I started writing this blog post at the end of July. It’s now August 13 and I’m still writing.

Before Mommy Camp started this month, I was fairly successful as a work-at-home mom. But in many respects, my career was still taking a backseat to my kids. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been working my butt off balancing—or trying to balancethe demands of my professional life (as a freelance writer, communications professional, and PR copywriter) with those of my personal life (aka my kids!).

But things are about to change around here. In just three weeks, my big kid starts JK and my little kid starts daycare. Mommy will finally have four uninterrupted work days every week. But how will I transition from all this time with my kids to all this time at my computer? I imagine it’s going to be an adjustment. So, I’m giving myself the month of September to ease back into work mode. And, October is going to be the month of ME. It’s the month that’s really going to launch the next phase of my career—whatever that may be. (Hopefully a lot more of what I’ve been doing for the past couple of years and a bunch of new projects, too!)

Fortunately, the start of October is also the BlissDom Canada conference. I’ve already booked myself a hotel room at the Delta Meadowvale for TWO blissful nights away. (I haven’t had a night all to myself since before the little one was born.) In October it will be just me, a whole lot of amazing bloggers, and a ton of inspiration! I’m using this conference as the kick-off of my ‘new’ normal. I’m hoping that with the amazing speakers, inspiring events, awesome networking opportunities, and a little R&R for mommy, I’ll be ready to really launch into work mode.

It's time to—among other things—take my blogging career to the next level, and I'm sure BlissDom is just the motivation and education I need. I can't wait to join my fellow Yummy Mummy Club bloggers and other amazing bloggers from across the country at this conference. I can't wait to really take some time to reflect on where I'm at in my career and where I want to be. I'm excited to really put myself first for a couple of days! 

BlissDom Canada is just around the corner and I'm ready for the full experience—no excuses!

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