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Searching For Blog, Business, Blissful Life Balance

No, seriously. Apparently, It Exists!

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Picture me typing in a Tilley hat with one hand cupped over my brow, visor-style, searching, searching, always searching. 

I'm not on the hunt for my misplaced set of car keys or my lost Interac card (it has honestly been missing for two weeks). As always, I'm in search of the ever elusive "life balance." Have you seen it? Maybe it fell between the couch cushions or slipped in behind the dryer. As hard as I look, I can't seem to find it. 

I asked my husband. He hasn't seen it. 

I asked my neighbour. She just shook her head, "no."

I asked the receptionist at my doctor's office and she looked at me like I needed to up my meds. 

I asked my mother and she just laughed and rolled her eyes. Fine for her, she's retired, kids grown, living the life of Riley. Riley is a pompous ass if you ask me. 

I have a business, a blog, and a busy family. The three Bs... bitches. And every few months or so it hits me — the sad truth that my life looks like this:

I wish more than anything I could wow you with some sage advice, but the only sage I have is the five-year-old jar of sage spice I use in my dad's turkey stuffing recipe.

I have no answers. But I CAN tell you the best places to look for them.

1. Brain Pick: Find a mentor and ask for their guidance.

2. Peep: Carefully observe those who are doing it right and learn from them.

3. Take Stock: Make a list of the things you do well and the things that could be vastly improved upon. Reflect and make changes. 

4. Confer: Attend conferences with like-minded people. I come away with loads of helpful information and much needed inspiration during the seminars and casual conferences at Blissdom Canada every year, and I look forward to the kick in the blogger pants I get there. 

5. Read: The internet and magazine stands are teaming with articles on the subject of life balance. Sift through them and find the best advice that works for you.

6. Crowd Source: Ask blog readers to leave insightful suggestions and tips in the comment section of your blog (ahem, THIS blog), and then read them, take them to heart, and actually try to implement them. Well, after you cancel your lost interac card and order a new one, of course. 

See you at Blissdom 2014!!!

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