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Three Easy Ways Your Favourite Stars Stay Blissful

How Celebrities Find Their Bliss

blissful moment with child

One of the reasons I think celebrities look so great is that they devote time and energy into bliss. You hear them say it all the time. And a lot of the time, upon hearing about these "blissful" life moments, many of us roll our eyes. But is it really so crazy? Taking time to do these three easy (and I mean it, easy) things, you may find your bliss, too. 

Taking time with our kids

This one seems really easy, but a lot of us "schedule" kid or family time. This shouldn't' be scheduled. We had kids to make them a part of our lives, so why aren't we making them a part of our lives? Scheduling play time or story time doesn't cut it. Spending actual time with our kids does. And when we let go, ready to just take time and play, lay around looking at clouds, or even something as blissfully simple as walking our kids to school (Matt's all-time favourite thing right now is his morning walks with Henry to preschool), our hearts grow. It's those little moments that we will remember later, not the big ones. 

Taking time away from our kids

Another one that many of us forget, is taking time away from our kids. With friends, with our partners, with ourselves. When we take time to be alone and disengaged from parenting, it's like a little recharge. Just last week, I took 3 hours all by myself to go see a movie at TIFF (and interview the director and star — more on that later this week!). When I got home, I was buzzing with happiness. I needed that little time all alone to recharge. 

Doing something that inspires us

Just like going to a movie alone was inspiring to me, so is doing things that help further my career and my life goals. Seminars, classes, movies and even conferences like BlissDom Canada inspire me to be a better writer, a more engaged person, and a stronger business woman. Celebs go on retreats, so why not us? 

So, spill it! What do you do to find your bliss?



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