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Ideas For Exercising With Your Kids

Make It A Part Of Your Lifestyle

Longtime readers of my personal site know my story when it comes to health and fitness. I was a "big girl" growing up, who learned the importance of healthy eating and exercise in her twenties. I still battle "fat days" in my head, because even though I am fit and strong, I am muscular and thick(er) and will never be willowy. Eh, whatever. I ran a half marathon this past weekend. These thighs of mine are serving me well.

My husband is an active guy as well and we both love to be outdoors. We want our kids to love to move, and because we've done it since they were babies, it's just a part of what we do. It's how we find our bliss.

Here are some ideas for how to be active with your kids.

1. Go for a walk. The Trans Canada trail goes right by our house and we've walked along it ever since the kids were at the age where they would throw rocks in the creek for hours on end.

2. Ride your bikes! We invested in some good quality mountain bikes and will bike the trail or load them up and hit trails in other areas.

3. Go skiing. We took up skiing as a family two years ago and it's the best! thing! ever! I've struggled with S.A.D. over the years and being active and outdoors has kicked it to the curb. My kids have taken many lessons and can now ski black diamond runs. It's a great family time, and we're all workin' it.

4. Run. As I mentioned, I completed a half marathon this weekend. I run three days a week with a running partner, and my kids run at their school. They've entered a couple of 5K races in our town, and I plan to run with my two sons in a 5K race next month.

5. Play outside. Shoot hoops, play bocce, jump on a trampoline. Anything outside is more active than sitting on the couch.

How do you find your bliss? How do you keep active with your family?