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Movie Night: Dad Style

Bonus: Top Five Dads in Movie History

I've always found it a nice bit of timing that Father's Day comes right around the time that hockey season is wrapping up. Granted, this year things are going a bit later thanks to the lockout and, as a diehard Ottawa Senators fan, I've still got plenty of hockey to watch, but generally speaking, Father's Day tends to mark the beginning of the offseason for hockey-loving dads. 

And while much of the marketing around Father's Day focuses on outdoorsy stuff like BBQing and building a backyard oasis, many of us are on the hunt for the next TV-based post-bedtime escape ritual. After months of tucking the kids into bed and retiring to the basement for some fast-paced hockey action, we need something new.

Enter films.

I love to kick back in the rec room with a bowl of popcorn and my surround sound set up. And having learned that Hollywood Suite shows over 400 movies per month, I'm thinking I have a new contender in the "how does Joe relax?" competition. Four channels worth of uncut movies plus an on-demand option? That's downright convenient. Of course, you knew they were good people when they offered up $600 worth of goodies just for commenting on this post (see below).

But after seeing the Father's Day schedule that our friends at Hollywood Suite have lined up, I realized that there are way too many dad-themed movies I just haven't seen yet. Bad Dad blogger! Oh sure, I've seen the asskickingly-awesome Godfather franchise and American Beauty, which is especially brilliant because Kevin Spacey can do no wrong (except K-PAX, obviously. But since nobodly actually watched that one I give him a pass). I've seen National Lampoon's vacations, both European and domestic, much to the delight of my inner 12 year old. I've even seen the tear-jerking Life is Beautiful, lest anyone doubt the existence of my sensitive side. 

But that barely even scratches the surface of Hollywood Suite's Father's Day Marathon on June 16. And heck, even if you're busy on Father's Day doing, you know, family stuff, you can choose from tons of movies as part of their on-demand offering. 

"But Joe," you're probably thinking. "What about the film franchise that celebrates the greatest father ever to grace the silver screen — Die Hard's John McClane?" **

I wondered the same thing myself, rhetorical voice I just made up. But fear not. While he's not part of the Father's Day lineup, Die Hard, Die Hard 2 and Die Hard With a Vengeance are all on tap to be among the 400 movies they air per month in glorious HD in the near future. 

** Since I brought it up, I thought I'd share with you that there are also awesome movie dads, not just Die Hard's John McClane. 

Top Five Dads in Movie History: 

Feel free to disagree with me in the comments. I can take it, and back up my answers. 

  1. John McClane (Die Hard series) — I assume ths doesn't need explanation but, in case it does, John McClane is, quite likely, the coolest human ever. Spoiler alert and all that but in Live Free or Die Hard McClane shoots a guy through his own bullet wound to save his daughter. Through his own bullet wound! 
  2. Clark Griswold (National Lampoon vacation series) — If it's the thought that counts, Clark Griswold is an amazing dad. If it's execution... Well, his kids will have plenty of fodder with which to bolster the fledgling family therapy industry.
  3. Mrs. Doubtfire — I know, surprisingly sincere, right? The lengths he goes through to be with his kids is downright inspiring. Also, Robin Williams is hilarious.
  4. Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson in Taken) —Stop taking his kids! For the love of all that is holy he will hunt you down! In two movies, no less. Just stop taking his kids!
  5. The dads in Three Men and a Baby (tie) — I was going to make up a really long and quasi-academic argument in favour of this film because of its portrayal of atypical family structures and inverted gender roles but mostly I just felt like Steve Guttenberg needed some love because, really, he's Steve Guttenberg.

So, spill it—who are your favorite movie dads?

Because Hollywood Suite loves dads so much they want to give one lucky YMC member a Dad's Day Prize Pack valued at $600!

One winner will receive a grand prize of a $500 gift card to Best Buy plus a Hollywood Suite Gift Pack including four DVD movies and other fun Hollywood Suite stuff. 

All you have to do to enter is go on over to Hollywood Suite to see a listing of all the great movies for Dad. Then, come back here and tell Joe in the comments section below which of Hollywood Suites's Father's Day films would you like to watch and why?

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