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Do You Hate Your Spouse?

If not, why do you act like it?

Bride dragging her groom to the alter but it's a cake topper.

Every couple is different. I get that. 

I mean, I don't expect every couple to geek out over scoring Kids in the Hall tickets or to gently mock one another's typos over IM. People are different. Relationships are different. S'all good. And hell, there's probably a lot of things Amy and I could do better. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone and all that.

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So please understand that I don't ask this in a judgemental way; this comes from a place of honest wonderment, not self-righteous highmindedness.

But what's the deal with couples who openly disrespect one another?

It's this whole subculture of "ball-and-chain" humour (at least I assume it's humour) that I just don't get. Sure, Amy and I tease one another online from time to time but it's always done with a wink and a nod and an undercurrent of respect (I think, anyway).

I mean, I love the ever loving crap out of my wife. She's amazing. And I want the world to know that she's amazing so I tend to say it a lot. Online. In person. Wherever I get the chance I'm pumping her tires like a... well something that pumps tires a lot. A pump, I guess. Sorry, started down this metaphorical road without a clear vision of where it was going and now the wheels have come off. OR THEY'VE DEFLATED. BETTER PUMP THEM. 

Boom, brought it home.

Anyway, back to the point. Are you part of a couple that mocks one another? Do you openly lament your loved one's return home or undermine their parenting skills/cooking skills/personal hygiene online, even in jest? I'd love to hear from you.

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