Consuelo Bernardi: The B Sides


Brigg Fair

Brooklyn Indie Rock

So my new favourite, can't-stop-listening-to-it album is 'Kill Yourself For Change' by the Brooklyn indie rock band Brigg Fair.

I love this album and this band x1000.

“Kill Yourself For Change” was recorded primarily in upstate New York by British Producer, Iestyn Polson (David Bowie, Patti Smith). Lead boy Geoff Ereth met Polson by chance at a Polish doughnut bakery in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, which subsequently led to an agreement to make the debut record together.

How much do I love these destined to happen chance meetings? A lot.

Now the fact that the album sounds like it came from across the pond has nothing to do with it. Oh wait YES it does.

Geoff Ereth's voice is like the love child of Coldplay, David Gray, Travis, Snow Patrol, Parachutes, The Fray and Keane with some Doves and Josh Rouse, Kaiser Chiefs thrown into the mix. 

His voice is like buttah and honey. 

The album is as good for your soul as it is for your ears. 

Listen to it. Love it. And then go buy it on iTunes.