My Favourite Things of 2013: Part 2

The 'best of' music featuring the best moments, songs, and bands of 2013.

My Favourite Things of 2013: Part 2

And the trip down music memory lane for 2013 continues…

Here's Part 2 of My Favourite Things…musically speaking of course.


Favourite Moment With Donnie Wahlberg: Take 1


Favourite Moment With Donnie Wahlberg: Take 2


Favourite Song That I Had On Repeat A Lot


Favourite New Canadian Band


Favourite Guilty Pleasure


Favourite Song Heard On A TV Show (in this case the TV show 'Suits')


Favourite Remix Of Serena Ryder's 'Stompa'


Favourite 'I Can't Believe I Like This Track And Bought It On iTunes'


My Favourite Things: 2013

Music Edition: Part 1

My Favourite Things: 2013

I spent the last couple of days going through my iPod, my "favourites" files on my Soundcloud account, and on my YouTube page and decided that a year-end review of all my favourite things—musically speaking—was in order. A totally self-serving post I know, but that's how I roll.

So here's Part 1 of "My Favourite Things: Music Edition"

Favourite Cover From The Voice: Season 5

Favourite New Music Find

Favourite Song Ruined By The Official Video

Favourite Song By Maroon 5 (yes Adam Levine & his boys get their own category)

Favourite Song Of The Summer

Favourite Remix Of My Favourite Summer Song

Favourite Driving Song


Rewind: My Favourite Songs of 2013

What are your best tracks of 2013? Did any of yours make this list?

Rewind: My Favourite Songs of 2013

True, the task of picking a list of favourite songs from 2013 is entirely subjective, but this is a music blog and a review of the songs that made up 2013 is pretty much mandatory.

Here are the tracks that managed to land a piece of real estate on my iPod over the last 12 months.

Year In Review: My Faves of 2013 by Consuelo Bernardi on Grooveshark