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My First Celebrity Block

Was It Something I Said?

So last night I was all snug in my bed watching the series premiere of X Factor USA.

I love me some Simon Cowell and his blunt-tell-it-like-it-is-even-if-I-hurt-your-feelings ways and those black skin tight v-neck t-shirts....well I missed those too.

But I digress.

I tweeted how ridiculously fabulous Paula Abdul looked (she le damn hot) and then I figured I should follow her...

When I tried, this came up:

My first ever celebrity Twitter block.

Now I doubt it had to do with my 'you look fabulous' tweet....(unless she lives in her own opposite world) but maybe it had something to do with the time I tweeted she was being all crazy-like with the incoherent talk on her days on American Idol. It was tough love for Paula I know and perhaps she took it really hard. But I was being her Canadian female version of Simon - sometimes you need to hear the truth...even if it's hard to hear.

Now I fully realize it might not have been her that actually blocked me...maybe one of her 'people' did it...but I'd like to think she was sitting in her dressing room late one night and saw one of my tweets during American Idol and said "bitch I'm blocking you, I am Paula 'Straight Up' Abdul' and no one talks about me like that and gets away with it".

Shutty it SO could have happened like that.

Now I know I should be maybe a little sad - I mean, I did worship the ground she walked on back in the day - but this one made me giggle and maybe, just maybe, made me feel like I had finally arrived on the Twitter scene (and cue me dabbing my eyes with a tissue).

So to commemorate my first ever celebrity twitter block, I figured a triple shot of Paula Abdul videos were in order.

And Paula if you ever do forgive me for whatever it is I can find me on Twitter at @cbernardi