The Day You Say 'I Do'

My Ultimate Wedding Musical Lineup

The Day You Say 'I Do'

Yesterday on Twitter, Eric Alper tweeted this . . . ‏

@ThatEricAlper Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong played Mark Zuckerberg's wedding. If you could have any musician play at your wedding, who would it be?

Needless to say, it got my attention and got me thinking. Hmmmm.....

If I could do a re-do of the big day and have unlimited cash funds, monster music industry connections, and personal e-mail addresses of those who sing, this would be my ultimate rundown for my dream wedding day. Musically speaking, of course.

Ultimate Wedding Line Up: Musically Speaking by Consuelo Bernardi on Grooveshark


American Idol Season 11 Winner: Phillip Phillips!

From humble pawn shop employee to rock star

American Idol Season 11 Winner: Phillip Phillips!

"In the end, a humble pawn shop worker pursuing his dream was a more appealing narrative for more people than a technically brilliant singer who’d been prepping for stardom since she was 4 or 5 years old." ~Debra Yeo (Toronto Star)

After the record breaking 132 million votes were counted, Phillip Phillips—the pawn shop employee from Leesburg, Georgia—walked away as the winner of Season 11 of American Idol.

Don't wanna brag but I had a feeling right from the beginning for the boy with the same first and last name. I have been rooting for Phillips since I first saw his Savannah audition back in January. He reminded me of Dave Matthews meets David Gray with a little Ray LaMontagne and John Mayer thrown into the mix.

I know, I know another white boy with his guitar (WBWG) wins big in the end. But unlike past WBWG winners there was always something different and endearing about Phillip Phillips.

First there was the name (obviously) but the fact that he always stayed true to himself, his sound and his music was refreshing. The judges always said he was a true artist who refused to compromise on the artist that he was and wanted to be, and that in the end was his winning hand in the competition.

He didn't get wrapped up in the make-over process—he still looked like a college kid going to a keg party as opposed to a Hollywood star in the making. Ok, true his ridiculous good looks helped but it was that 'this is me take me as I am, vote for me, don't vote for me, but I'm not changing because people say I should' is what made him stand out week after week. And the fact that he didn't apologize for not wanting to morph into something that he didn't believe in or feel comfortable with captured the hearts of many week after week.

And last night when he let his guard down and started to cry and stopped singing, passed off his guitar and walked into the arms of his family. That was as pure of a moment as there has ever been on American Idol. In the end his was still that 21 year old boy with his guitar who sought comfort in the arms of the people he loved the most. And cue the crying and hearts melting.

And as for the runner-up, Jessica Sanchez—that 16 year old girl with the powerhouse voice—she'll do just fine. There is a big future for her in the music industry...I'm thinking even a role on Glee (hello second coming of Rachel).

I really do believe that America got it right when they voted Phillip Phillips. But now the real test remains. It's one thing to vote for him as the winner but the question remains will the voters open up their wallets and buy his music? I really hope they do. If his first single 'Home' (now available on iTunes—and yes I already bought it) is any indication of what he's bringing to the music scene, Phillip Phillips has a great future ahead of him. His dream of singing songs and playing his guitar has finally come true. And for that I am over the moon happy for him, because in the end we are all dreamers and having them come true is a truly a special moment that should be applauded.

And if nothing else Dave Matthews will always have a go-to replacement on tour if he ever gets sick.


Spotlight: Vincenzo Thoma

10 Hits Interpreted In Italian

Spotlight: Vincenzo Thoma

An artist and a professor of the Italian language, Vincenzo Thoma is a native of Rome, Italy who now resides in Montreal. Vincenzo has been on the music for some time now. In 1992 he was cast as the voice of Aladin singing 'A Whole New World' in the Italian adapatation of Disney's Aladdin. And Vincenzo is also a regular guest on RAI network's popular music program Fantastico, which is viewed by 12 million people worldwide wide every Saturday night.

When not recording and performing, Vincenzo is writing songs - composing and writing for well known artists such as Lara Fabian and Roch Voisine.

Vincenzo recently released his latest musical offering called Romantico (available on iTunes) - an album that brings together ten of the biggest international hit performed for the first time in Italian. Some of the songs featured include Elton John's 'Candle in The Wind', 'Fragile' by Sting, 'Against All Odds' by Phil Collins and Toni Braxton's 'Unbreak My Heart'. The songs are all a perfect fit. I mean Italian is the language of love after all...

It's the perfect album for those summer dinner parties. Songs that you'll instantly recognize but with that added language twist.

You can catch Vincenzo live in concert...

May 30: Centre Leonardo Da Vinci, Montreal

June 3: Centre Leonardo Da Vinci, Montreal

July 1: CHIN Festival, Toronto


The first single from 'Romantico' is 'Io Non Ballero' - the Italian interpretation of Wham!'s 'Carless Whisper'.