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Chris Pratt's New Role — Eminem

This Musical Union Needs To Happen

Because there aren't already a million reasons to love Chris Pratt . . . cue his effortless French braiding hair during an interview, he's genuine, down to earth, and funny, but now . . . the man raps? And raps like a seasoned MC?


So, this happened during a recent radio [Whollywood Shuffle] interview: (WARNING: there is cursing—it's an Eminem song, of course there is cursing.)

And then that viral video became more awesome when TreyTech on YouTube synched that original video with the original backing track and muted Eminem's voice. The result? My mind literally exploded.

And I fell in love with Chris Pratt that much more—if that's even possible.

So, I'm thinking that this now needs to happen, because if anyone can make it happen, it's Jimmy, and the only place it would happen would be the Tonight ShowAnd, yes, Dre you can totally come along tooobviously. 

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