Meaghan Smith: Rising Canadian Star

This "Bell Media's Future Star' and Juno Award winner is about to become a big name in musiic

Meaghan Smith: Rising Canadian Star

I've been a fan of Juno Award winner Meaghan Smith long before she was named Bell Media's Future Star, last month, with her winning song "Have A Heart."

Her previous tracks, "Here Comes Your Man," "Heartbroken," "If You Asked Me," and "Silver Bells," all had me instantly hooked with their throwback retro sounds, and had me wishing that she would do a collaboration with one Michael Bublé—'cause their voices together . . . that would be musical perfection.

Meaghan Smith calls her latest release, "Have A Heart," a giant risk and leap of faith. "It's the most ambitious, most draining, most fulfilling, most scary ride I have ever been on. I am full of angst (the good kind), nervousness (the nervous kind) and joy! There were moments over the past few years where I really wasn't sure this day would come, but it is finally on the horizon."

And that day is just around the corner—April 22 is when the new album drops everywhere in Canada and on iTunes.

Being a YMC Bsides reader has its moments of awesomeness, and this is one of them, because you can stream the album right here, right now, before next week's release date!

So, sit back and enjoy the musical ride that is the supremely talented and soon-to-be mummy (she's due in August, so the whole hitting-the-road and touring thing is going to be put on hold).

You can also catch Meaghan Smith on the small screen over the next few days . . .

She'll be performing her brand new song, "Mirror," on The Marilyn Denis Show, on April 14, at 10AM ET on CTV, 11AM ET on (CTV Two) and on demand at www.marilyn.ca.

Plus, she'll also be performing her first single and the title track, "Have A Heart," on Thursday, on Canada AM (Tune in at 6AM-9AM ET, 7-10 AT, 7:30-10:30 NT on CTV).

For more information about Meaghan Smith, visit meaghansmith.com, or follow Meaghan on Twitter @MeaghanSmith, Instagram at instagram.com/themeaghansmith, or Facebook at facebook.com/MeaghanSmith.

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Introducing Scott Helman: New Canadian Talent

you can say you heard this star-in-the-making here first

Introducing Scott Helman: New Canadian Talent

So my latest "hit replay and listen to the song 10x in one day" song is from a new Canadian artist that was just signed to Warner Music Canada.

Truth be told, when I first heard the track I thought he was from across the pond—in my musical brain he has a UK music vibe to him (and in my books that's a very good thing, because I do love me some UK music).

Introducing . . . (drum roll please) . . . Scott Helman.

A ridiculously talented singer/songwriter.

Get to know him and remember his name, 'cause you'll be hearing a lot from him. So, so good.

Check out his track, "Cry, Cry, Cry":

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