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Edward Rogers

Your Favourite Brit Pop Styles Mashed Together

"I'm motivated by the urge to make music and express myself, rather than by some abstract idea of being some kind of pop star, so I feel like I'm making music for the right reasons." ~Edward Rogers

On November 8, Edward Rogers will release Porcelain, his fourth solo album. The eleven tracks, which show an edgier side to Edward, were all written and recorded within an 18-month period...“The title of the album” explains Rogers, “directly reflects the emotions represented in the songs and my mood during the writing process – rage, love, broken friendships, good days, bad days…fun days.”

Singer-songwriter;Edward Rogers was born in Birmingham, England where he spent the first 12 years of his life.  He moved to New York City just as the British Invasion began in the States, and started his career behind the drum kit playing in several garage bands.  When a subway accident in October 1985 left him without his right arm and right leg below the knee, Rogers turned to song writing and found that he enjoyed singing and writing more rewarding than playing drums. 

Over the past decade, Rogers has been extremely prolific, releasing four solo albums and two with Bedsit Poets, a Folk/Brit-inspired trio whose name was given to them by The Zombies’ Colin Blunstone and he has played extensively in New York, and the east coast, Los Angeles, Canada and London both as a solo artist and with Bedsit Poets. 

In addition to his song writing career, Rogers co-produced 20 shows for the extremely successful series “The Beat Goes On” at NYC’s The Bottom Line.  He has co-hosted the Irish Rock Revue for several years, at well-respected venues such as The Bowery Ballroom, Webster Hall and the Highline Ballroom.  Additionally, Rogers is a regular performer in the highly-successful “Losers Lounge” series at Joe’s Pub and co-hosts the radio show “Atlantic Tunnel” on East Village Radio every Sunday from Noon to 2PM.

The latest video by Edward Rogers is for the track “The Biba Crowd” off of Porcelain and is set to footage from Jean Luc-Godard’s 1964 film 'Band of Outsiders'. It's the perfect "kick off the weekend" song....think sitting in a pub with your friends toasting the survival of yet another week in this thing called life. And the track totally makes me think The Beatles meets David Bowie meets the Psychedelic Furs mixed in with The Proclaimers...his music is all those great British pop styles that you love mashed into one. It will having you moving that's for sure.

The Biba Crowd