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Entourage - The Final Season

I Loved it and Hated It...What Did You Think?

Entourage – The Final Season premiered last night and all of twitter was buzzing with excitement. And I must admit - I was too. I’ve watched Entourage from the start and I love all the characters and last season things got too stupid for that to be the end of it.

I didn’t like how last season ended with Vinnie and the porn star and E being such a little bitch and Turtle and the whole tequila thing, so I was happy that it was coming back for a short season to wrap things up. So I watched last night and I loved it, and I hated it. Why are all these boys all of a sudden like whiny girls?! Spoilers ahead – so if you haven’t watched it yet DO NOT read on!

So first we find out that E and James Caan’s son (I don’t know his character name but I do like him the best right about now) have kicked Malcolm MacDowell (again can’t remember his character name) out of their management agency and have taken over. So yay that E is finally amounting to something more than Vincent Chase’s whipping boy. Then we then find out that E and Sloan have broken up, which makes me happy because Sloan is so whiny. I mean, really gorgeous but so annoying. Again, yay for E for not being saddled with annoying Sloan anymore.

Cut to Vincent declaring ‘My name is Vincent and I’m an addict’ at Promises Rehab Centre in Malibu. This part makes me happy because of course Vinnie would be at Promises and of course there would be paparazzi and fans waiting for him to leave and of course he would sound like he was delivering a monologue when he addressed his fellow addicts. This part I love. Mostly because that’s really what it would be like when a star was leaving Promises. That’s about all I love about Vincent. Since when did he become the most irritating character on the show?

We find out that Vinny has been sober for 90 days after being arrested for cocaine possession and Johnny and Turtle are busy getting the house ready for his return. This is actually not as comical as it should be but since it’s Drama getting all obsessive compulsive about ridding the house of all drugs and alcohol I can buy it. But it gets old, fast.

The boys all gather to pick Vinnie up from rehab and E finds out that he's called everyone but him – so once again E gets all whiny and complain-y and pouts that no one called him. Boo Hoo. So over whiny E. We find out that Ari and his no-name wife have separated and she’s actually seeing someone new but instead of being typical badass Ari Gold he gets all whiny and pouty. I can take this from E, but from Ari Gold?! Ugh. I see a theme here and I don't like it.  Also – way too little Lloyd in this episode.

Vinnie tells them all about his fantastic idea for a movie that’s kinda like the Chilean miners meet Lassie but in Romania (or something like that) and needless to say it’s a shit idea for a movie but no one will tell him because he just got out of rehab and they don’t want to upset him. This is the part that I hate – because it really just shows us that the Vincent Chase character hasn’t evolved one bit since the show started. While all the other characters have kind of evolved, Vincent Chase is still a spoiled brat who really only cares about himself. I really don’t like him at all anymore.

So the boys plan a last minute *dry* party for Vinnie to welcome him home (because Vinnie wanted a party) and in between Turtle trying to hook up, Drama freaking out over his ‘little brother’, E pouting like a little bitch over the engagement ring Sloan sent back in an envelope (and not a padded one either), Ari searching for a drink to drown his sorrows and Billy being the most annoying character ever, once again the only person I like is James Caan’s son (and I don’t even know his name on the show).   Oh – and Turtle burned the house down.

So now, Entourage can start this final season with a clean slate. God I hope so – because I’ve had enough of the whiny bitches.  And with only 8 episodes to wrap this up I hope they can do it right.

Did you watch? What did you think?

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