SAG Awards Winners And Gifting Suites

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SAG Awards Winners And Gifting Suites

So The Screen Actors Guild awards were on last night, and while I love myself some awards shows, I resisted the urge to tune in and critique everyone’s outfits and see if there are any surprises because I am in the midst of my Operation Oscar, and I have The Kids Are Alright to watch tonight. Plus The Golden Globes were pretty damn fantastic and I fear that the SAG’s will just disappoint me.

Now if you love awards shows like I do, keep reading, because a friend of mine actually got to go backstage at The Golden Globe awards and rub elbows with the stars – well, kinda! My friend Kia owns the company Today I Ate A Rainbow which is a company that aims to help get kids to eat healthy. Well Kia was totally lucky (and I was green with envy) because Today I Ate A Rainbow as allowed to be one of the products in the Golden Globes gifting suite. Yes, that means that Kia got to go to LA and be in the gifting suite – you know – the ones where the stars walk though and pick up all of their free swag!!!

So I did attempt to bribe Kia by promising to carry her luggage/be her full time nanny/personal assistant if she would just take me with her, but she had her husband and daughter with her so sadly, I didn’t get to go. BUT, she did send me some pictures when she got home and filled me in with all the fun details of what it’s like to be in a gifting suite at the Golden Globes!!

So, want to know who Kia’s most fun celeb was to see?! It was Jewel – who just revealed that she’s having a baby boy! Kia was very smart and brought her adorable daughter Hannah with her to the event – who promptly started to chat up Jewel who then stopped for a pic with both Kia and Hannah. I have to say she looks stunning and Kia said that she was very shy and sweet. I love it when celebrities are nice in real life. I just don’t expect it to happen.

Nancy O’Dell and Constance Marie were also there and stopped by Kia’s booth for pictures. James VanDer Beek was also there (*sigh*, I love me some Dawson Leery) and he’s a new daddy and Kia laughed when she told me that he was basically standing in the middle of the room with the baby in the stroller while his wife visited the booths! Just like your typical husband out shopping with the wife.

Then Kia told me about Rhea Durham, who is married to Mark Wahlberg. She was there with all 4 of her kids (dude it is a cold day in Hell before I take all 4 of my kids anywhere if I don’t have to!) and of course, she was stunning. And gracious and stopped to get her picture taken with Hannah. Note to self – if I ever get invited to a celebrity event I am totally bringing my kids with me because dayum, I got some cute kids!

So basically Kia just made me wish that I was there with her, and that even though it was her first time interacting with the Hollywood scene most celebrities were friendly and very happy to chat. Kia is obviously a much nicer person than me because she only had wonderful things to say about everyone she met, whereas if I was there I would be critiquing everything from their hair to what they wore to the looks they were giving their ‘people’. Probably a good reason right there as to why I wasn’t invited.

Now if you want the opportunity to try what the stars were offered at Kia’s booth, you can purchase your own Today I Ate A Rainbow kit with a 10% simply by entering the code KELLI. So thanks to Kia for that, and thanks for her letting me live vicariously through her for just a little bit.

And in the mean time – here’s a wrap up of the SAG Awards winners. No big surprises here. And I am happy to report that I saw 3 more Oscar nominated movies this weekend, so stay tuned for my blog on those!  Thoughts on the SAG winners?

Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture: The King’s Speech
Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role: Colin Firth – The King’s Speech
Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role: Natalie Portman – Black Swan
Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role: Christian Bale – The Fighter
Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role: Melissa Leo – The Fighter
Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries: Al Pacino – You Don’t Know Jack
Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries: Claire Danes – Temple Grandin
Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series: Steve Buscemi – Boardwalk Empire
Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series: Julianna Margulies – The Good Wife
Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series: Alec Baldwin – 30 Rock
Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series: Betty White – Hot In Cleveland
Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series: Boardwalk Empire
Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series: Modern Family

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My Night Of Hockey Players And Carrie Underwood

Rubbing Elbows With Hockey Elite And A Country Superstar

My Night Of Hockey Players And Carrie Underwood

I was invited to attend a ‘Soiree’ this past weekend, which isn’t something that happens often around here. In fact, this wasn’t just any ‘soiree’; this was The Bell Sens Soiree, an event that sees the entire Ottawa Senators line-up and their wives/fiancées/girlfriends in attendance. It’s a charity event that benefits various charities in the city and I was happy I would have a night out with pro hockey players and a possible Carrie Underwood sighting.

Of course with any ‘soiree’ type event comes the dreaded shopping for said event. After I ruled out the fact that Lululemon did not in fact sell evening wear I set off on the dreaded task of finding something to wear to this black tie ‘soiree’. For the record – Ottawa has the shittiest shopping options ever. I finally settled on something that I ended up feeling slightly bridesmaid-ish in but really – I was in a room with Carrie Underwood – no one was looking at me!

So the thing about this event was that all the members of the Senators hockey team each sat at a table. Aside from everyone wanting to sit with the Fishers (that’s Mr and Mrs Underwood to the rest of us) my husband told me he really hoped we would get to sit with Nick Foligno (I blame the Italian connection) and was nothing short of giddy when that is exactly who was escorted to our table. As Nick and his fiancée Janelle are walking to our table to take their seats, Lino rhymes off to me every single fact about Nick and his family that he can possibly think of. But all I could focus on was the fact that I was going to be sitting beside his drop dead gorgeous fiancée – good times.

Now let’s just say that I feel kinda bad for these guys because this is a charity event so they have to sit with a table of total strangers who they basically have nothing in common with and make small talk all night. But both Nick and Janelle were incredibly nice and charming and a pleasure to have dinner with. They took pictures with us and Janelle was even nice enough to show me her engagement ring (note to self – in my next life I am totally marrying a professional athlete). But as soon as dinner was over those players were outta there, probably because coming off a 10 game losing streak there weren’t in the best party mood ever.

The evening was hosted by Ottawa’s own ‘Stuntman’ Stu Schwartz (otherwise known as our very own Mr. Connie Bernardi) and did a wonderful job as the master of ceremonies for the evening. And since Stu takes his job very seriously he showed up to the ‘Manhattan’ themed evening dressed as Donald Trump – but with even better hair. Connie is a good woman.

So yes, I did see Carrie Underwood, but no, I didn’t get my picture with her. Mostly because I didn’t really care to, and also because she kept disappearing so even if I wanted to I couldn't. And yes, I get that the night wasn’t about her, but you can’t expect to be an international superstar and go to a charity event and not expect to be asked to have your picture taken. That is all.

BUT, Connie did get her picture with her. Carrie is much smaller in person that I thought she would be, and by that I mean short! She’s pretty tiny too of course, but I always thought she was taller than she really is. She was also very pretty and she had on the most gorgeous shoes I have ever seen (which Connie has a picture of on her blog)!!

All in all it was a great night with great company. The players were charming and accommodating, the host was funny and the The Ottawa Senators Foundation ended up raising more than $360,000 for their charities, which really was the point of the whole thing after all. And I got to enjoy a night out with some of the best people watching I’ve seen in a long time. So the next time any of you are having a ‘Soiree’, count me it, because a girl could get used to those!

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The Oscar Nominations Have Been Announced

What Do You Think?

The Oscar Nominations Have Been Announced

The Academy Award nominations have been announced, which also signals the beginning of my very own ‘Operation Oscar’! Last year I made it my mission to watch as many of the nominated films and performances as I possibly could, and I did a pretty good job! This year I have my work cut out for me because I have seen two, count that two, of the movies or performances nominated.

Yes, I have no life. I do want to congratulate Toy Story 3 for securing not only a best animated film nom, but also a best picture nom. To all those people who say that kids movies are mind numbing and lacking in substance – take that!

So here are the major categories that have been nominated for either best film or best performance, and I don’t think that there are many major surprises here. I do want to hear about your thoughts and if you’ve seen any of the movies, and I will be keeping you updated as I embark on ‘Operation Oscar II’!

Best Supporting Actress
• Amy Adams, The Fighter
• Helena Bonham Carter, The King's Speech
• Melissa Leo, The Fighter
• Hailee Steinfeld, True Grit
• Jacki Weaver, Animal Kingdom

Best Supporting Actor
• Christian Bale, The Fighter
• John Hawkes, Winter's Bone
• Jeremy Renner, The Town
• Mark Ruffalo, The Kids Are All Right
• Geoffrey Rush, The King's Speech

Best actress
• Annette Bening, The Kids Are All Right
• Nicole Kidman, Rabbit Hole
• Jennifer Lawrence, Winter's Bone
• Natalie Portman, Black Swan
• Michelle Williams, Blue Valentine

Best actor
• Javier Bardem, Biutiful
• Jeff Bridges, True Grit
• Jesse Eisenberg, The Social Network
• Colin Firth, The King's Speech
• James Franco, 127 Hours

• Darren Aronofsky, Black Swan
• David O. Russell, The Fighter
• Tom Hooper, The King's Speech
• David Fincher, The Social Network
• Joel Coen and Ethan Coen, True Grit

Best Picture
• Black Swan
• The Fighter
• Inception
• The Kids Are All Right
• The King's Speech
• 127 Hours
• The Social Network
• Toy Story 3
• True Grit
• Winter's Bone

Let the predictions begin!

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