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Hollywood and Sex Tapes

What are They Thinking?

A long time ago – before she was J-Lo, Jennifer Lopez was married to a dude named Ojani Noa. Then the movie Selena came out and Jennifer became a big star and she and Noa ultimately divorced. Things were pretty amicable because even when Jennifer opened her restaurant Madres, Ojani was hired to manage it. Things eventually went south and ended up with Lopez firing Noa thus causing some bad blood.

So, to get back at her, Noa first tried to release a tell-all book about their relationship which JLo managed to block in 2006. But now Noa is going a little more hardcore and is shopping around a so-called ‘sex tape’ that was taken on his honeymoon with Jennifer. According to E! Online, Noa’s attorney is expecting the tape to fetch in the millions of dollars!  Sites such as PornHub and YouPorn have already shown interest in buying the rights to the tape.  Needless to say naked JLo is big business.

So, I’ll be the first to say that the young starlets of today who continually take nude pictures of themselves on their iPhones only to have them hacked and released to the masses have no room to complain. I mean whoever Blake Lively (if that really was her) was sending those naked pics to probably enjoyed them, but really – you’d think she’d remember to delete them off her phone. And then there's Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens – I don’t think they were too upset that the risqué photos they took of themselves were leaked all over the internet. In fact I would hazard a guess that there was a master plan at work there for that to happen.

But here’s the thing – this isn’t a ‘sex-tape’. In fact the lawyer for Noa’s new girlfriend, who just happens to be involved in the release of the video (of course she is), says;

‘There is about 15-20 minutes of total nudity between all the different clips among the 27 hours of footage,"
"I can't speak to the specific contact [between JLo and Noa] but I can say there is a lot of footage that has never been seen before.
"Sex tape is not a term I would use."

OK so it’s not a sex tape – basically it’s a tape involving two people on their honeymoon who, all in love and starry eyed, took some video that might not involve any clothes. I can’t hate on that – even though it’s not something I would ever do.  You can’t fault her for taking some sexy video with her brand new husband. But here’s the thing - how sleazy is it of him to release it?! C’mon, I know that there’s a lot of money at stake here, but no matter what happened between these two, the fact that he’s willing to sell this video speaks volumes about the kind of man he is versus the kind of woman she is. I mean, big deal that there’s some video featuring JLo’s naked ass – if that’s your thing you can Google Kim Kardashian’s sex tape and see basically the same thing.

I know we’re talking Hollywood here but I think there has to be some things that are sacred, and one of them should be any form of video taken on a honeymoon. Or am I just delusional here? What do you think?

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