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I Came, I Saw, I Hugged Jordan Knight

I Totally Get It Now

A few months ago I was lucky enough to get to interview Jordan Knight of NKOTB. A definite highlight for me given that I was fully obsessed with New Kids in my youth. So when my friend Eric Alper told me that he would try to get me a meet and greet with Jordan when NKOTBSB came to town, needless to say I thought I would die, just a little bit.

Six of us went to the concert last night – my friends Sarah, Tracy, Rhonda, Sophie and Jocelyne – and all of us were giddy like school girls at the thought of meeting Jordan Knight. I mean it’s Jordan Knight – all of us had his face plastered on our walls when we were teenagers. But all of us are mothers now and in our mid-to late thirties, so you would have thought that we would be a bit more cool about it. Yeah, nope.

Through some magical stroke of incredible luck the 6 of us actually managed to get a very private meeting with Jordan outside of the regular meet and greet that had happened just before. OK, so really, it was because of my Eric and he was so incredibly freaking amazing to arrange this for us and there’s no way I can ever repay him because it was so awesome!!

So there we are waiting in the back of Scotiabank Place when Jordan, in jeans and a plaid shirt comes walking towards us. Seriously – I think I squealed and then I dropped my camera on the floor.  Classic. So much for being a cool thirty-something woman! I was immediately transported back to being a teenager, and I loved it!

After I got over my initial shock of looking at Jordan Knight live and in person, we had a quick chat with him. He was so awesome and so nice and he remembered me from our interview (I died, I did) and he took pictures with all my girlfriends and we chatted a little more and then quickly said ‘thank you’ and goodbye and took to our seats. (alright we went for cocktails first just to calm our nerves!)  And I just have to say - when we took our picture together - he hugged me. Not just an awkward arm around each other pose - but like a hug where he 'squeezed' me.  OMG I didn't want to let go. I totally get it! I totally get why women would pay thousands of dollars to go on a cruise with him.  Sigh.

I want to thank Jordan Knight, Eric Alper, Kevin Duffy and Josh (who's last name I don't know but he was hot!) and the other fabulous men who made this meet and greet happen and for giving all of us one of the best nights of our lives! That quick meeting made our night. The concert was incredible and the after party was – well there are no words for the after party. That will be another blog coming soon, because it deserves its own blog. And right now I’m trying to figure out if I can make it Montreal for tonight’s concert!

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