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NOVI Spotlight

A Funky-Folky-Mash-Up-of-Genres-Pop-Sound

"I remember thinking it was a pretty cute joke when she sent me the demo, but when I woke up singing the hook…I knew it was real shit somehow." -Lee Miles

Like her namesake, Novi is a new artist that is on a fast-track to stardom.

So who is Novi (aka Carolyne Neuman)?

She's an electro-pop artist who hails from Los Angeles by way of Ashland, Oregon. Novi brilliantly marries the charm of her small-town roots with the edgier elements of big-lights-big-city Los Angeles in her forthcoming debut EP, "Now I'm Here". She comes to the music scene with an original, distinct, smooth and eclectic electro-pop sound.

If you're in to that funky-folky-mash-up-of-genres-pop-sound, you'll love Novi.

And the name Novi? Carolyne explains it this way..."I wanted a stage name that was relevant to my actual name (Neuman, originating from a German nickname for ‘a newcomer to an area’), but would also align with my artistic vision."

Her first single, "Blackbirds" was mixed by music legend Brian Malouf (Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince)...

Check out the single here: BLACKBIRDS (MP3)

Novi is currently rehearsing for shows with “Blackbirds” as the first single to mark her arrival onto the music scene. A full length EP is tentatively slated for a Fall 2011 release.