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Join My Birthday Run Team

CIBC Run for the Cure

by: Erica Ehm

My birthday is Sunday, September 30th, which coincidentally is the same day as the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure. So, I've decided to make the 5km run my birthday party. And you're invited.

Cancer sucks. Breast cancer made my dad an orphan when it took my grandmother's life when my dad was 16. Fast forward to today where breast cancer continues to affect the lives of too many women. So I'm going to run in support of my friends who have had mastectomies, radiation, hair loss, and those who've lost their lives. I'm also runing for my daughter, your daughter, all our daughters who should never have to battle cancer when they get older.

So, I've started a YMC Team and I'd love you join me on the morning of my birthday. I can't imagine a better party—a bunch of like-minded women coming together to run 5km, sweat, laugh, cry—you know, really live life. 

If you'd like to join the Ontario team, here's the link to the CIBC Run for the Cure sign up page for my team. Since this event happens in 60 sites across Canada, our Community Manager Eileen Fisher is leading a YMC team in Abbotsford, BC. If you live in that area and want to sign up, here's the Abbotsford team page link.  If you live in other parts of the country and want to be a team leader for your area's Team YMC, you can email Eileen here and she can get you organized. Best birthday gift ever? Having YMC Teams coast to coast.

When I invited a few friends to run with me, they nervously responded with, "Do you I have to actually run????" 

My answer is this: You can hop, cartwheel, or walk. It doesn't matter. Just do it! You'll feel better about yourself, you'll be with me on my birthday and you'll be raising much needed funds to go towards innovative research, education and awareness to create a future without breast cancer. Win. Win. Win.

Chances are many of you are reading this and for whatever reason can't be with me on the 30th. In lieu of the birthday gift I know you were going to buy me, why not make a donation to our team! Here's the link to donate! No amount is too small. Seriously $1 to $1,000 or anywhere in between!

One in nine Canadian women is expected to develop breast cancer during her lifetime. One in twenty nine women will die from it.

Cancer sucks. Let's do something about it together on September 30th!