Halle Berry, racism
When parents of a child split, there is bound to be strife - even over a hairstyle.
DeShawn Currie Pepper-Sprayed In His Own Home
This kind of racial profiling is what millions of citizens live with every day.
Here’s the thing: the ability to be colour blind is a privilege given only to white people.
Round up your kids and watch Lupita and Elmo talk about loving the skin you're in.
BOOK GIVEAWAY: I'm Awesome Because
Win a signed copy of this new children's book that celebrates multiracial families and promotes the message of self-esteem in all children.
Lupita Nyong’o
This is not a message that should be limited to only black females. Sit down with your daughter and watch it today. It could change her life (and yours).
Have toy manufacturers suddenly forgotten that black children also want toys that look like them?
We Need to Come Together on Common Ground to fight injustice
I know I’m just on the brink of what I hope is a positive, impactful experience.