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Easy Party Hair: Think Outside the Bun

3 Simple Solutions For All Your Holiday Hair Dilemmas!

Easy Holiday Hair: From Office Parties to Elegant Soirees

As I desperately cling to the memory of summer and the laissez-faire styles that make me so happy, there is one thing I enjoy about the colder weather: bringing structure and clean lines back into my hairstyles. While summertime is filled with loose, messy ponytails, and flowy fabrics, fall and winter are the perfect time to polish your look and play with thick textures.

In a short while, we’ll be ramping up for holiday party season (not to be confused with the actual holidays) and you best believe I’m looking forward to dressing up, drinking wine, and eating until I can’t close my pants. Huzzah! But hey, there's no excuse not to have great looking hair, even if your pants don't fit.

When it comes to holiday parties, it seems like you either have oodles of time to get ready, or exactly 7 minutes to shower, change, and do your hair and makeup. But fear not, reluctant hair-stylers! I happen to have the party-worthy styles you can put together in a snap with Goody hair accessories.


The Situation: "I'm Pressed for time!"

For those I totally forgot my office party tonight, we need to be there by 7 and it’s 6:25 occasions, this style is perfect. No time to wash your hair? No problem. In fact, second (or, uh, third…) day hair is better for up-dos. This style is especially perfect if your hair has some texture (that's PC speak for "it’s all wavy and weirdly curled from wearing it in a bun for the last three days.")

  1. Get rid of your tangles with a Goody detangling comb or TangleFix brush. Separate the front half of your hair and twist each side back, securing with bobby pins.
  2. Twist a small section of hair on each side of your head towards the back and pull hair into a ponytail: high or low, your choice.
  3. Loosely gather the length of your hair and twist into a bun using your hands or a sock-roller or sponge. Secure with a clear elastic or metallic bobby pins or a Goody Spin Pin. It doesn’t have to be perfect.
  4. Spritz with hairspray and go.
  5. OPTIONAL: Want to add some sparkle? Goody has some great sparkly/metallic bobby pins, hair clips, and even headbands.

  Tip: For a quicker version that does not involve the side twists, simply pull hair into a high or low ponytail and twist your hair into a bun. Secure with your Goody Spin Pin. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Spritz with hairspray and go!


The Situation: "I don't feel like trying anything new!"

For those I’ve been cooking all day for this soiree and I don’t really feel like doing anything new occasions, begin with sleek, straight hair. You may need to straighten your hair using a flat iron (don’t forget your heat-protecting spray!), or simply blow dry straight.

  1. Make sure your hair is tangle-free, using a detangling comb or TangleFix brush. Gently smooth hair back into a low ponytail: centred or to the side, your choice.
  2. Secure with a Goody clear elastic—try to make sure your hair is bump free.
  3. Take a piece of your hair to wrap around the elastic at the base of your ponytail and secure with metallic bobby pins.
  4. OPTIONAL: Braid the section of hair you wrap around your ponytail base for a fancier look. You can also skip wrapping your hair around the base and use a festive hair accessory instead.


The Situation: "I don't want my hair to annoy me!"

For the “I want to wear my hair down but then it gets in my face and that’s annoying” occasions, this is the style you need. I totally get it. I hate having my hair stuck in my face—or worse, in my lip gloss. Blah! This look may take a little longer, depending on whether you need to style your hair first. Volume and texture are key here. You may choose to blow dry your hair with a round brush to add volume, or curl your hair using hot rollers or a hot iron (curling or flat iron).

  1. Start with voluminous, tangle free hair. To achieve volume without curls or waves, I like to use Goody Style Self Holding Rollers (aka: Velcro rollers) after I’ve blow-dried my hair. I do my makeup with the rollers in, and release them for mega volume and movement.
  2. Beginning at the crown, gently tease hair to add volume and height. You can also use a volume boosting product or some dry shampoo to add grit.
  3. Gently and loosely gather hair, maintaining volume. I like to gather hair and then push it forward and upward before securing with metallic bobby pins (choose the shade that matches your hair colour). Sometimes I’ll even criss-cross sections of hair for a weave-y look, securing bobby pins OPPOSITE the hair direction.
  4. Finish with a spritz of hairspray.
  5. OPTIONAL: Cover up your bobby pins with one of Goody’s Holiday accessories. You could also braid or twist your hair back for added interest.

To be perfectly honest, I rarely wear my hair “up” with the exception of a bun once a week and my go-to ponytail for working out or doing chores, but the holidays are a great time to dress up a little. When I do my hair I have a few must-have products and tools that I just can’t live without:

I’d love to know what your favourite holiday hair look is! Share them with me on Twitter or Instagram with #GoodyTips so I can see your festive styles!