How to Perfect The Art of the Perfectly Cuffed Jean

There's One Little Step You Might Be Skipping...

How to Perfect The Art of the Perfectly Cuffed Jean

cuffing your jeans

It doesn’t matter what shoes you’re wearing, if you’ve got skinny, straight or boyfriend cut jeans on your outfit is instantly better when you roll that hem. I remember being a kid and DYING of mortification when my mother would roll my jeans up but now I almost never wear jeans that aren’t cuffed.

Funny that.

There are two reasons why I love a cuffed hem. The first is you can customize the hem of your jeans to hit the perfect spot to slim and elongate your leg (you want to hit the slimmest part of your ankle, ladies!). The second is that it gives you insta-cool girl cred. Plus, there’s nothing sexy about scrunched hem at the ankle. Rolling or cuffing your jeans is also a super easy way to add just a little interest and oomph to your outfit. 

Cuffed or rolled skinnies are a must when wearing ankle boots. Cuffed straight legs look great with your favourite flats. Cuffed boyfriend jeans and a stiletto? Lawd have mercy. But there really is a trick to mastering the cuff. And here it is:

  1. Roll the hem back once, to the width you prefer. Make sure both legs are even.
  2. Roll again, this time a little more roughly - perfection is overrated.
  3. Now, grab the seams on the sides of your legs and tug your cuff DOWN. 


When you tug the sides of the cuff/roll down it loosens the cuff, making your style look lived-in in the best possible way. Consider this your new cool-girl cuff! Don't like the look of cuffed jeans, but wish your pants were cropped just the same? You can always carefully roll your hem UNDER to create a cropped look without the visible roll. Easy. Peasy. (And commitment free!)

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5 Fashion Trends You Need to Try This Season

Look hot as the temperatures cool

5 Fashion Trends You Need to Try This Season

fall fashion trends 2015

I don’t know about you, but fall is my favourite time of year when it comes to fashion: boots, scarves, rich colours and decadent fabrics. The air is crisp enough to beg a sweater in the morning, but it’s warm enough to forgo a jacket. I’d be OK with having September weather all year round. I really would. 

The trends in fashion this fall are a great mix of surprises and old faithfuls, but these are a few of my favourites! 

Lady Loafers

Move aside, stilettos: flat and low-heel loafers are the go-to for fashion forward ladies this fall. The lower heel heights make for comfortable walking, and the block heel provides additional support. Bonus: flat loafers look AMAZING with everything from cropped or rolled jeans to your favourite skirt suit. Have fun with these once-boring shoes by playing with texture and pattern! 

  1. Vince Caputo Slip On Loafer – Town Shoes: $170.00
  2. Steve Madden Catt – Steve Madden: $79.95
  3. Chrystolitique – Call it Spring: $39.99



The 70’s are calling, and they’re on their way over. Patchwork is probably the most unexpected print you can find, with a mix of textures, colours and even patterns. Done right, patchwork is fun and super chic. Do it on a bag, a dress or a boot depending on how out-there you want to look.

  1. Milk It 70’s Patchwork Suede Zip Front Dress – ASOS: $114.34
  2. Emerson Satchel – Fossil: $278.00
  3. Astieven – Aldo: $150.00



For a look that’s a little more fashion week and a lot less Farmer Clem, pair your plaid top with a tailored piece - like a pencil skirt or leather mini - and accessorize. Think outside the shirt and reach for plaid pants, skirts or outerwear or accessories, like the ever-fab plaid blanket scarf.

  1. Sleeveless Plaid Fit & Flare Dress – Rickis: $89.90
  2. Long Sleeve Plaid Shirt – Reitmans: $36.00
  3. Diagonal Plaid Skirt – Forever 21: $19.90



From moto jackets to edgy details, there’s a leather look for every commitment level. Try on a leather skirt, leggings with a stripe or even leather sleeves on an otherwise plain tee! 

  1. Tyler Madison Tuxedo Zip Legging – Bodega Boutique: $99.00 (Use AMBASSADOR2 for a discount!)
  2. Pleather Peplum Moto Jacket – Rickis: $99.90
  3. Faux Leather Accent Tee – Joe Fresh: $19.00



Despite the fact that they could easily pass as modern day torture devices, pantyhose are all kinds of hot (and keeping you warm!) this fall. Try on bright colours, funky patterns and heavier materials this season to dress up all those skirt-boot ensembles you’ve been dying to wear. 

  1. Gipsy Crochet Chevron Tights – ASOS: $15.67
  2. Plush Lined Footed Tights – Rickis: $16.90
  3. Classic Rib Tights With Control Top – Hue: $15.00

Now tell me: Will you try any of these trends or do you have another favourite trend you're loving this season?

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Five Days of Awesome Hair with Only One Wash and Dry

More snooze, less shampoo

Five Days of Awesome Hair with Only One Wash and Dry

Five Days of Awesome Hair With Only One Wash and Dry

Two things most of us value when it comes to our morning routines are sleep and punctuality. We've all had mornings where we get up extra early to wash and style our hair, and I'm willing to bet I'm not the only one who's looked in the mirror and thought "Hmm, it's not that bad." Mornings are busy enough without the added hassle of washing and drying your hair, right? You already know that the less time you spend doing your hair the more time you'll have to make that second cup of coffee.

Last year, I decided to cut down on my shampooing to avoid spending precious time on washing and blow drying my hair. As a single mom, I want to spend as much time as possible with my son, so finding ways to spend less time in front of a mirror and more time next to him in the morning is important. As a working mom, I know that appearances in the workplace matter, so the styles you see below are perfect for the office (and because you will be spending a lot less time on your hair in the morning, punctuality will not be a problem!)

For me, a bonus to not shampooing as often has been that my hair has been feeling smoother and has been thicker than ever before. I also have fewer dark circles, and save a ton of money on shampoo and water bills! Win! I now wash my hair one to three times a week, depending on my activities.

Here’s what a week of no-wash styles looks like for me. With the exception of Monday’s style, you can use any of these as a second-day option. (And there is no shame in fifth-day hair. None.)


It’s clean hair day! After shampooing, brush hair with Goody QuikStyle brush to cut down on dry time. I like to fake a blowout on Mondays to last me most of - if not the entire - work week. 


If needed, freshen your second day hair with dry shampoo (I prefer to use dry shampoo BEFORE bed to save precious time in the morning).

  1. Use a Goody Ouchless Brush to remove snags.
  2. Loosely gather hair at the crown and pin upwards for some volume.
  3. Loosely gather your bangs and the front of your hair, twist and/or pin back with Goody ColourCollection bobby pins one side at a time. Rock your day.


Let your inner retro RAWR, today.

  1. Brush out any snags with a Goody Ouchless brush.
  2. Separate your hair into two sections: front and back.
  3. Put the back half in a loose bun, slide Goody Head Wrap over your head and secure *between* the two sections.
  4. Let all of your hair down. Smooth hair into a low pony tail, covering the bottom half your head wrap.
  5. Optional: Wrap some of your hair around your elastic and secure with a Goody ColourCollection bobby pin. Bring it on, boardroom.


The end of the week is almost here! This simple no-wash style will bridge the gap to Friday.

  1. Gently remove any snags with a Goody Ouchless brush and sprinkle/spritz dry shampoo as necessary.
  2. Gather hair into a smooth, low side ponytail with a Goody SlideProof Elastic.
  3. Lower elastic a bit, gently make a split ABOVE the elastic, take the length of your pony tail and loop your ponytail over and through the hole in your hair. Tighten by splitting your ponytail in two pieces and pulling in opposite directions.
  4. Fishtail braid the length of your ponytail for a fun, casual look OR roll up into a bun and secure with Goody ColourCollection bobby pins for a chic, elegant style. Now, go conquer that conference call.


Let the natural grit in your hair work to your benefit today.

  1. Separate your hair into two main sections: top/front and back/bottom.
  2. Gather the bottom section of your hair into a pony tail at the nape, secure with a Goody Ouchless Elastic.
  3. Separate the front section of your hair into two sections, wherever you normally part your hair.
  4. Gently back brush using your Goody Ouchless Brush and braid the length of the section (French, rope or regular braid - your choice).
  5. Secure with a bobby pin or elastic, loosely and repeat on the other side.
  6. Tease your ponytail and wrap into a messy bun.
  7. Take the braid on the right and pull it back, pinning over the TOP of your bun.
  8. Take the braid on the left and do the same, pinning beneath your bun. Reward self with coffee.

With a little pre-planning, you can rock a week of no-wash styles. Spend less time washing and drying in the morning so you can spend more time doing the things you love before heading out for the day.