Become a Spectacle: Choose the Right Glasses for Your Face

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Become a Spectacle: Choose the Right Glasses for Your Face

Whether you want to protect your pretty peepers from the sun or you need corrective lenses to get a clear view of the day, we all wear glasses in one form or another at least some of the time. 

For many of us, glasses are a daily part of life and while they are often essential to our eyesight, they are accessories nonetheless. And let's face it, being a "four-eyes" has never been so fashionable! But with hundreds of frames to choose from, it is often overwhelming to choose the right pair, or even know where to begin! 

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There are a number of factors to consider when picking out your new frames including your personal style and colouring (hair, skin, eyes), but your face shape is more often than not the deciding factor. Generally speaking, there are five distinct face shapes that we can fall into — and like any other body feature, there are variations of these. If you don’t fit neatly into one particular shape, don’t panic — just choose the one you feel is most correct and go from there. 


If your face is equally as long as it is wide and you have a strong, square-shaped jaw you likely have a square face shape. Avoid hard lines in your frames as it can make your face appear boxy. As a general rule, look for frames that are wider than the widest part of your face to soften your look and balance proportions.

If your chin is much thinner than your forehead, you have a heart-shaped face. Look for frames that widen at the bottom to offset the width of the forehead. Round faces look best in angled, thinner frames to provide structure — skip the thick, dark plastic frames and look for streamlined, polished specs instead.

For those with an oblong face, you have more length than width to your face shape. Larger frames help “break up” that length. If your face is oval, shout for joy because you can pull off just about anything! Sometimes oval faces are a bit more diamond-shaped, though, meaning the cheekbones are wider than the forehead and chin. If this sounds like you, look for lightly coloured, cat-eye, oval or rimless frames to so as to not draw attention the narrow eye line. 

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Finally, and especially if you’re unsure, remember this simple juxtaposition: the more angular your features, the rounder your frames should be and vice versa. Easy peasy!

Once you've nailed down the basic shape for your frames, it's time to choose colour! Darker frame stand out most and tans or metallics are sophisicated and easiest-to-wear, but fun colours like purple and red are a chic and functional way to add some pizazz to your appearance. Consider eyewear the ultimate opportunity to show off your fantastic personality!

If you're still feeling uneasy, check out this awesome infographic which shows the frame shapes that do and don't work for your face shape! 

I spent years wishing I had glasses, and then years hating the fact that I needed them. Since embracing them as part of my style, I've enjoyed playing with a variety of different pairs from cat-eye to wayfarers to rectangular and back again in just as many colours. Thanks to websites like Clearly Contacts and Zenni Optical, I have more pairs of glasses than you can shake a stick at. With super low prices and to-your-door delivery, it's pretty hard to say no to those bubblegum pink cat-eye frames.
...and I'm not good at saying no unless F is asking for a chocolate bunny for breakfast. Now go forth and see clearly, my lovelies! 
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How To Properly Wear A Maxi Dress This Summer

Everywhere. Every day. With anything and everything you want.

How To Properly Wear A Maxi Dress This Summer

My friend recently asked me for advice on how to wear maxi dresses and followed up her question with, “Better yet, write a post about it!” And so here we are. I love maxi dresses because I don’t have to shave my legs to wear them and they’re basically an office-friendly, stylish option when all you want to do is wear sweatpants. What’s not to love?

They’re also insanely easy to wear, because—get ready for this—you simply wear them like every other dress, ever.

Here’s the deal—maxi dresses are not all made equally, but then, neither are dresses with shorter hemlines. You can get maxi dresses that are well-structured or flowy, casual or fancy, empire-waist or body-skimming. The trick is choosing the style that you feel best in. I have a little bit of everything. Some dresses are easier to style than others—some are best as stand-alones, while others really need something extra.

Empire-waists are great to minimize and camouflage a tummy. If you’re busty, but small-waisted, look for defined waists to avoid the muumuu look. Not ready to commit to a floor-length dress? Try a hi-low instead. 

When styling a maxi dress, pretend that it is knee length and proceed as usual. Cover it up with a denim jacket to grab coffee, or pair it with a great blazer or cardigan for days in the office. Wear sandals, wedges, heels, flats, or even boots when the weather is cold. Really. It’s that simple. 

 Here’s a couple of ways I like to wear my favourite maxi dresses:

I love this grey and orange striped Calvin Klein dress I snagged at Winners on a clearance rack last summer, but the neckline does nothing for me. I like to throw my AE denim jacket or my orange Banana Republic sweater over it for interest. (And yes, I know it's too long for me—I usually wear heels with it.) Top your body-skimming maxi dresses with cardigans or blazers to dress ‘em up. Want a more casual look? Try a pull-over sweater or a Chambray button-down (left unbuttoned) on for size.

If you have a stand-alone piece (like the next two dresses), wear it alone or with another piece—depending on the weather, the occasion, and your mood. I like a blazer over this Gap yellow and navy floral number, with a pair of cork wedges for the office. The structure makes it a little dressier than my CK dressperfect for anyone who’s worried about losing their shape in all that fabric! (Blazer also from Gap.)

(Dress: Sweet Pea Boutique, Halifax; Leather-like jacket: Rickis. Also, smiling preschoolers are the best accessories ever.)

This breezy leopard-and-floral-print dress has a deep V in the front and the back, and the narrow straps make it more drink-friendly than desk-appropriate. With a leather jacket on top, the summery fabric is toughened up and Fall weather-friendly.

So, there you have it. Simple, right? Let me know if and how you wear your maxi dresses in the comments below! 

In the market for a new maxi dress? Check out these styles from Old Navy—with a great range of sizes and styles, you're sure to find one you love! Forever 21 and Gap have some great styles to choose from, too! 

Thanks for reading! See how I wear my black maxi dress here. If you're more interested in denim than dresses, check out my favourite denim brand and be sure to weigh in on the "anti-thigh gap jeans" from this Kickstarter project!


Trendy Tresses: Do You Dig Jennifer Aniston's New 'Do?

The Best Hair in Hollywood Just Got Better

Trendy Tresses: Do You Dig Jennifer Aniston's New 'Do?

I think it’s safe to say that we all remember The Rachel and at least half of us rocked the hell out of it back in the 90s. There are few heads of hair more coveted and talked about than Jennifer Aniston’s, so it’s really no wonder she’s got us all abuzz with her latest ‘do.


Yup. Those much-loved, much-requested (but definitely never replicated) blonde locks are gone and I effing love it. I think we can safely start calling this one The Jen.

I’ve been a huge fan of Jen’s shorter cut — so much so that I’m currently wearing my hair quite similar to these photos — but the darker colour is beautiful change! I can't wait to see her dolled up on the Red Carpet as a brunette and can't help but wonder if she'll be surprising us there next, with some daring fashion choices!

Much like the mid-length cuts, monochromatic tresses are a huge trend this season after months and months of long, ombre styles (much to my ombre-loving heart's despair).

Love the colour? Lucky for you, you can achieve a similar look with a single-process at-home colour if you're already a brunette. Any highlights or lowlights you already have will shine through, giving your hair a rich, multi-dimensional appearance! If you're blonde, take this one to a stylist.

Love the cut? Ask for a shoulder-grazing lob (long bob) with light, swing-y layers at the ends. Some back and side-shot photos seem to show a slight graduation — just a little bit shorter in the back than the front — which you may or may not wish to have yourself. Once you've got your version of The Jen, enjoy the best of both worlds by wearing your hair up on lazy days and spending way less time blow drying on the days you wash! This is a great warm-weather cut!

But real quick: let's just reflect on how gorgeous her hair was long, too, shall we? Sigh. Best hair EVER. 

What do you think? Do you love Jennifer Aniston's new look, or did you prefer her hair long and blonde? 

Photos: Premier/CPR/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES; FAMEFLYNETPICTURES; Fame Pictures: Famepictures Inc.

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