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Trendy Tresses: Do You Dig Jennifer Aniston's New 'Do?

The Best Hair in Hollywood Just Got Better

I think it’s safe to say that we all remember The Rachel and at least half of us rocked the hell out of it back in the 90s. There are few heads of hair more coveted and talked about than Jennifer Aniston’s, so it’s really no wonder she’s got us all abuzz with her latest ‘do.


Yup. Those much-loved, much-requested (but definitely never replicated) blonde locks are gone and I effing love it. I think we can safely start calling this one The Jen.

I’ve been a huge fan of Jen’s shorter cut — so much so that I’m currently wearing my hair quite similar to these photos — but the darker colour is beautiful change! I can't wait to see her dolled up on the Red Carpet as a brunette and can't help but wonder if she'll be surprising us there next, with some daring fashion choices!

Much like the mid-length cuts, monochromatic tresses are a huge trend this season after months and months of long, ombre styles (much to my ombre-loving heart's despair).

Love the colour? Lucky for you, you can achieve a similar look with a single-process at-home colour if you're already a brunette. Any highlights or lowlights you already have will shine through, giving your hair a rich, multi-dimensional appearance! If you're blonde, take this one to a stylist.

Love the cut? Ask for a shoulder-grazing lob (long bob) with light, swing-y layers at the ends. Some back and side-shot photos seem to show a slight graduation — just a little bit shorter in the back than the front — which you may or may not wish to have yourself. Once you've got your version of The Jen, enjoy the best of both worlds by wearing your hair up on lazy days and spending way less time blow drying on the days you wash! This is a great warm-weather cut!

But real quick: let's just reflect on how gorgeous her hair was long, too, shall we? Sigh. Best hair EVER. 

What do you think? Do you love Jennifer Aniston's new look, or did you prefer her hair long and blonde? 

Photos: Premier/CPR/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES; FAMEFLYNETPICTURES; Fame Pictures: Famepictures Inc.

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