The Most Stylish Diaper Bags For Every Budget and Every Baby

Gorgeous, affordable, and functional to boot

The Most Stylish Diaper Bags For Every Budget and Every Baby

Great Diaper Bags for every budget | YummyMummyClub.ca

Babies require a lot of gear to go out, even for a few hours, meaning a quality diaper bag is an investment every new mummy needs to make. When preparing for my son's birth, I decided not to listen to the ladies who'd told me to invest in a great, classic bag and instead reached for a cheap bag with a childish print which I had to replace within a few months. Why? For one, it fell apart. Then there was the fact it had almost no pockets. And of course, it wasn't very stylish so I didn't like carrying it.

Like most things, diaper bags can range in price from the reasonable to the absolutely ridiculous.  I've rounded up a bunch of bags for every price-point and style, because your diaper bag should be as cute as your baby. 


Under $50

  1. The  Babyboom Carryall tote is classic in all black, with lots of pockets to hold everything you (or baby) will need.  Walmart: $25.97
  2. This GORGEOUS carter’s® Fashion Flap Diaper bag is so pretty, I’d carry it anytime. The pattern is so delicate and I love that soft grey. Bed, Bath & Beyond: $49.99
  3. I really like the Child of Mine Diaper Bag – the little bit of green is just enough colour to brighten the whole bag. Walmart: $41.97 


Under $75

  1. The JJ Cole Caprice Silver Drop Bag is classy and stylish without jeopardizing function - Walmart, $69.97 
  2. Stripes have never looked so good as they do in the Carter’s Convertible Tote in grey and white. Plus, how cute is that change pad? ToysRUs: $69.99
  3. How about a pretty pattern? This JJ Cole Camber Diaper Bag is feminine, fashionable and – most importantly – functional! Amazon: $62.99


Under $100

  1. How fantastic is this SKIP*HOP® Duo Special Edition Luxe Diaper Bag? The combination of the stripes and leather-detail is gorge. Bed Bath & Beyond: $89.99
  2. No one will believe this Little Unicorn Rotunda Diaper Bag is a diaper bag – and it’s vegan!  Bed Bath & Beyond: $99.99
  3. The Duo Signature Diaper Bag by Skip*Hop is versatile and chic – it comes in plain fabrics, or this cool triangle print. Chapters Indigo: $85.00


$100 and up


  1. Perfect for the ultra-glam Mummy, this golden bag from The Bumble Collection™ is as elegant as it is function. Bed Bath and Beyond: $159.99
  2. Quite possibly the bag to end all diaper bags, this DUET 2-in-1 Diaper Tote could easily double as a work bag – which it can, since it’s both a tote AND a cross-body bag. Amazing. Chapters Indigo: $159.95
  3. Made from recycled polyester, the Lassig Green Lable Mix ‘N Match bag is versatile and stylish enough you’ll carry it long after the diapers are done. Indigo Chapters: $229.99

At the end of the day, my best advice to any mom-to-be (or anyone gifting a mom-to-be) is this: If you'd never buy yourself a purse covered in teddy bears or airplanes, don't buy a diaper bag covered in teddy bears or airplanes. A quality bag in a classic style will take you well past the baby days and into the years of playdates, school book fairs and beyond. 

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