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Turn Your Sunburn Into A Beautiful Bronze Glow Overnight

A Stinky, All-Natural Sunburn Cure For When You Forgot The SPF


Ah, long weekends — the perfect opportunity to kick back, relax and enjoy some fun in the sun! But, no matter how careful you are... sunburns can and do happen. I accidentally got a sunburn on Saturday after spending more than seven hours on the beach, and the forecast for Sunday was hot and sunny. By the time I was ready to crawl into bed, my skin had turned from slightly pink to a bright shade of red and my mother was “tut-tutting” me all over the house.

And I will admit: I totally forgot to reapply sunscreen until it was too late. This was not smart. 

I knew I needed to do something if I was going to make it to the beach the next morning, but what? The much-loved and often-recommended Aloe Vera gel has never done much for me, other than make me feel sticky. Yuck. And since I didn't even have aloe to turn to, I had to get creative. I sulked for a few minutes, and then I hit up the world of Google to see what I could do to "cure" my sunburn. Because skipping the beach on Sunday was just not an option. It was the long weekend, after all. 

And then, I found it: Apple Cider Vinegar.

I was skeptical but desperate, so I dug out the ACV and plugged my nose. I combined a cup of cold water and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in the bathroom sink, and then dunked a facecloth in until it was soaked. Then, removing the excess water, I placed the (very cold) cloth against my sunburn. Instead of rubbing or patting dry, I let my skin dry naturally. Then I did it all again.

Once my skin was totally dry, I coated myself in organic coconut oil and went to bed. When I woke up, the redness was gone and my skin was bronzed and soft. While I can’t say if it would help a serious sunburn, it certainly helped my mild burn heal enough for me to head to the beach again on Sunday. And that has never happened before — ever! I’m usually pink for a few days after I get turn that shade of “oops.”

*Please forgive the iPhoneography and Thomas The Tank Engine wall decals*

Of course, it’s better to avoid the sunburn in the first place, so be sure to choose a great sunscreen that works well for you. Then, grab a floppy hat and a great cover up and be super chic and sun smart while you enjoy the beach! Don't forget to reapply every 40-60 minutes if you're working up a sweat or hitting the waves. I went on to spend more than six hours at the beach on Sunday — thanks to my favourite hat, a chambray shirt and SPF 60 — I managed to avoid a second burn.

When it was all said and done, this was the best weekend I've had in a long time... even if I did stink to the high heavens on Saturday night! 

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