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Trendy Tresses: Mid-Length Cuts that Go With the Flo

A Flattering Cut For Every Face

Mid-length haircuts are having a major moment right now. From Jennifer Aniston to Julianne Hough, cuts that are within an inch or two of the shoulders in either direction have been cropping up (HA!) everywhere, and after spending a year growing out my hair, I hopped on that bandwagon like ain’t nobody’s business. 

Mid-length hair is super chic and extra versatile. Bad hair day? Pony tail or top knot it. It’s long enough to do what you want with it, but still short enough that it feels, um, short! Plus, mid-length cuts are flattering as all get out. Regardless of face shape or texture, there is a mid-length cut that will look amazing on you. Get bangs or don’t. Wear it curly or straight or flippy or whatever, because that’s how versatile it is. Bonus—it won’t take you eleven hours to curl your hair, and a shorter length means less weight to drag your curls out! Win! 

A fun fact for you (from my stylist): Most women actually look their best with mid-length hair. It’s all about proportion, you see, especially for those of us who fall on the “shorter” or “petite” side of the fence. Bonus—you need slightly less shampoo and conditioner. 

Not ready to chop your hair? No biggie. Long hair is always in style, and with great layers and maybe some bangs, you can have the best of all the worlds. And fantastic ballerina buns. Oh, the ballerina buns! But don't forget, the right hairstyle—whatever it may be—is the finishing touch on your overall style, so make sure you choose a cut/style that works for you and your life, rather than worrying about trends.

 Why Not Try A Close-Cropped Cut Like This? 

Want some ideas to bring to your stylist for your next cut?

If you’re feeling more bob-length, Julianne Hough’s Safe Haven cut was gorgeous—she’s now rocking a new pixie though!—and super flattering. It’s slightly asymmetrical—shorter in the back than the front. Ask your stylist for light layers around the ends, with the back slightly shorter than the front, and go easy with the face-framing layers and bangs. 

For a shoulder-grazing style, Jennifer Aniston’s lob is absolutely beautiful. Again, you want light layering along the ends for movement and to reduce heaviness, but not so much layering that you have a feathery look. Her cut is *slightly* longer in the front than the back, without bangs. It’s super chic when she wears it sleek like this, but I love it slightly tousled too! 

 What Do You Think Of Aniston's Chocolate Shade? 

My girl, Rose Byrne, is growing out bangs—like me—with her mid-length cut. She has slightly more layering in her just-past-shoulders style, and it looks beautiful with some texture. Ask your stylist for layering beginning just above the shoulders, and a collar-bone(ish) length, and long bangs landing between the cheekbone and chin. 

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JAniston Photo: Target/FAME Pictures