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BEHOLD: The 'Anti-Thigh Gap' Jean

Denim Designed For Athletic Bodies

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that you’re no stranger to the thigh gap craziness that has taken over the minds of young women lately. As a small-thighed gal, I was actually made fun of for having toothpick legs all my life, so I don’t really understand the appeal. And neither do the makers of Nevada-based Barbell Apparel who have recently launched their “anti-thigh gap” jeans for athletes—both male and female.

“The Barbell Apparel team spends a minimum of 20 hours a week in the gym, and when we get off work, we’re snowboarding, mountain biking, motorcycling, and doing just about any adrenaline fueled movement you can think of,” the owners explain on their Kickstarter page. “We were tired of struggling with jeans that didn’t fit, weren’t comfortable, and completely restricted our ability to move. So we decided to fix it.”

According to the Barbell Apparel video, this idea was born during a set of squats. And while you may not equate wearing jeans to working out, the reality is that we parents are squatting, bending, running, lunging, and occasionally contorting to keep up with our kids—and you just can’t do that in restrictive pieces.

Not surprisingly, people are into it—with more than $350,000 pledged on the Kickstarter page (that’s over twenty times their goal). Plus, they look good.

“These are the anti-thigh gap jeans," Hunter Molzen, co-owner of Barbell Apparel, told ABC News of the company's products. "Athletes work hard for their strong, meaty thighs and they should be proud of them. It’s how human beings were built to function.”

I’m all for jeans that make it easier to keep up with Mr. Finn, and especially for clothing that’s made for all body types, shapes, and sizes. Hallelujah! But what do you think? 

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