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Trendy Tresses: Rock a Close-Cropped Cut

Because Pixie—BY DEFINITION—Means Flirty and Feminine!

It annoys me to no end that people still think short hair on women is masculine. I mean, seriously. Have they been under rocks forever? There is something incredibly chic and oh-so-sexy about pixie-length cuts—not to mention the proverbial balls it takes to go from long to short. So, kudos to gals like Julianne Hough and Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry and Ginnifer Goodwin, who’ve made pixies among the most popular hair trends of late.

Much like mid-length cuts, there really is a cut for every face.

 The Cut That's Flattering For Every Face Shape

It’s all about working with your stylist to determine what works with your particular face shape, what features you really want to play up (or minimize), and, of course, what works with the texture of your hair and the lifestyle you lead. The downside to short hair is that it needs to be styled every day, but the positive aspect is that it usually doesn’t take much time.

The pixies of today seem to be close cropped on the sides (sometimes even with undercuts), with longer layers on top, and framing the face. If you’re not *quite* ready to plunge into pixie-territory, a short, asymmetrical bob might be just the ticket! Every time I see the femininity and sex-appeal in a great cropped style, I seriously consider rushing to my stylist.


If you’re thinking of a pixie-length style, ask your stylist for face framing layers, and length in the layers on top. Don’t simply ask for a pixie either—pixies are often considered the shortest, closest-cut styles. Bring some photos and talk to your stylist about what you’re envisioning, what you want, and how much time you have to style it.

Now, be inspired:

Jennifer Lawrence and Julianne Hough's are my favourites in this roundup, but Frankie Sandford's asymmetrical cut is fantastic!

So tell me—would you chop it all off?

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