Shop Your Closet: What to Wear to a Last Minute Party Invite

Festive Looks Without Spending a Dime

Shop Your Closet: What to Wear to a Last Minute Party Invite

Shop your closet

T’is the season of too little time and too much to do, which means many of us are currently somewhere between “Do I have time to wash my hair?”, “Will there be food there?”, and “Where the hell are my pants?”. Or at least I am. Whatev.

The Holidays are practically synonymous with dressing up and parties, but for those of us hoping to spend a little less on ourselves and a little more on our loved ones, finding festive frocks and party-ready looks in our closets can seem daunting. 

(This from the girl who ran out to buy a new dress on the day of her office Christmas party. Pot, meet kettle. But I digress.)

The good news is, despite how you may initially feel, you definitely have party-pants in your wardrobe to wear to whatever event you’re heading to.  

You have: A turtleneck sweater

Pair your turtleneck sweater with everything from a pencil skirt to wide-leg trousers and dress it up with some sparkly jewellery or a metallic clutch. Easy, classy, and cozy - plus perfect for desk-to-drinks. 

You have: Something sparkly

Sequins and sparkles practically scream festive. Unless you’re attending a trés-fancy event, dress down your sparkle with a simple blazer and understated accessories. I love a sequin dress with black tights, chic booties and a black blazer - in fact, it’s my go-to. 

You have: A little black dress

As if the LBD wasn’t the most perfect go-to for every event, am I right? Dress down with a cardigan or layer over a turtleneck or button-down; dress up with great jewellery, heels, and a pashmina or faux-fur stole. Perfect.

See? Easy! What's your Holiday go-to look? 

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