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Philips and YMC Help Give Dad A Style Makeover

That's the thing about dads...they deserve some good pampering too

Philips and YMC Help Give Dad A Style Makeover

Here’s the thing about dads. They do a lot.

Sure, moms do a lot too, there’s absolutely no denying it. In fact, at this very moment I am currently running the washing machine, the dishwasher, making lunch for my son, picking up my youngest from a playdate, running lines with my other daughter, figuring out when I’m going to pick up my birthday girl’s aquarium cake. Oh, and I’m trying to fit a full day of work in.

But you see, I did all of those things, while my spouse, he did other things. He fixed the printer this morning, he ordered the birthday cake, he drove to the playdate, he cooked the lunch.

Dads do a lot.

And sometimes it’s nice to give dads the gift of a little pampering. Spa days aren’t just for the ladies, you know!

YMC and Philips teamed up to do just that—pamper one very deserving, in-need-of-a-style-upgrade dad with a makeover at Taz Hair Salon, a day at the Novo Spa in Toronto’s Yorkville—including massages, manicures and pedicures, and organix facial, lunch at in the Tea Lounge, and dinner at Morton’s Steakhouse. And to help them maintain their new look at home, they'd take home their very own Philips SensoTouch 3D Wet and Dry electric shaver

We received so many amazing entries, so many ladies who wanted to win a great prize for the special men in their lives. Many of the women admitted that their husbands—who often find themselves rushed to get to meetings or to work or to coach little league—could use some help in the grooming department and Philips is right there to help give dads’ grooming regimes a little refresh. 

There was only one winner, though. And Maria Posterano’s entry was the one that took home the prize. Here is her submission:

“My hubby puts everything else first above his appearance. He knows how hard it is for me being the main caregiver with the kids, so he steps up as much as he can. Though plentiful with follicles, grooming may take a back seat and five-o'clock shadow shows up at noon. He deserves to look outside as great as he is on the inside too. He is so giving with his time and needs some time for himself.”

I busted my way in to disrupt their magical day and threw my annoying camera in their faces while they were lying comfortably on their massage tables and asked them a million questions.

“Are you absolutely loving this day?” I asked.

They both laughed.

“Of course we are. What’s not to love? A great makeover, a great massage, a great dinner—and someone else is watching the kids,” Mike says with a smile.

“I really wanted to do something for him that shows how much I appreciate all that he does. Because he does a lot for me and for our family.”

Mike, typically an outdoorsy man, readily admits that he doesn't make the time for regular self-care and grooming. During his day at the spa, he received an intensive facial to help tame pores when shaving and learned proper shaving technique to maintain his fashionable "French-Goatee" at home with his new Philips Shaver. After dressing for their night out, he and Maria were pleasantly surprised how much the subtle grooming upgrade added to his whole look for the evening. Now, he's motivated to perform one grooming session each week so that he's looking his best for him and his family.

At the end of the night, both Mike and Maria were happy. Here's what Maria had to say:

"Mike and I had a wonderful time on our Father's Day Makeover Day. We felt extremely pampered and relaxed. Everyone was soooo sweet and treated us very well. Thank you Philips and YMC for this great opportunity. Mike thoroughly enjoyed being pampered—but don't tell anyone!"

No matter what your man’s style, help him look sharp every day by giving his grooming regime an upgrade. The Philips SensoTouch 3D is the first 3D, wet and dry electric shaver that minimizes pressure and skin irritation.

It’s one tool that does it all.