Dear Internet: It Seems This Time I Was Wrong

Some things don't stay the same

Dear Internet: It Seems This Time I Was Wrong

I stumbled upon this photo in my flickr archives last night. (Remember when we used flickr?)

It's of Emily jumping in front of my camera. In 2009. 

It's funny, this find. Because it was just days after I was out for a walk with Emily, who jumped in front of my camera. In 2014. 

Obviously, I had to share my findings on Instagram. So I did, with the caption: 2009. 2014. Some Things Never Change.

But then I looked at the photos; I really inspected them. 

And I saw that Emily's legs are more flexible, more bendy, more controlled. Her hair is long and curled and well cared for. Her body has become long and lean, older, more mature. 

The 2009 version of Emily is young. The 2014 version of Emily is no longer young. 

She's only 13 years old, but in this shot I can see the the woman she will one day become. The woman she will soon be. 

So it seems, after all, that some things do actually change.

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