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Here's Why Dads Need and Deserve Style Makeovers Too

Winner of YMC Philips Father’s Day Second Annual ‘Win a Makeover For The Man In Your Life’ Contest

Here's Why Dads Need and Deserve Style Makeovers Too

Family life sure has changed since the Leave It To Beaver days. The days where Dad kissed his family on his way to the office while Mom stayed at home, cleaned, helped the children with homework, and had a full home-cooked meal ready for when Dad walked through the door (and probably a pipe and a paper in the drawing room before bed!). I bet you Ward Cleaver never once changed The Beaver's diapers. 

Nowadays, though, there are all kinds of families. There are families of single parents, two moms, two dads, parents who both work at the office, parents who both work from home, dads who work at the office while mom stays home, and families where mom works at the office and dad stays home. 

One thing is true about all these unique dads, of course: DADS DO A LOT and most certainly deserve to be celebrated and pampered. YMC and Philips are well aware of this and we were over-the-moon excited to celebrate dad with a day at the spa. (Spas aren't just for the ladies, ladies!)

We received so many amazing entries to our "Win a Makeover For The Man In Your Life Contest" because so many ladies wanted to win a great prize for the special men in their lives. There was only one winner, though. Haifa Staiti’s entry was the one that took home the prize. 

Haifa's stay-at-home husband Ben is a low-key kind of guy. A self-proclaimed jeans and t-shirt man, he doesn't have much time for grooming. He spends hours building forts and castles and rough-housing with his 4-year-old and 2-year-old boys. "He gets a hair cut about twice a year," Haifa said, "Ben so deserves this prize—he works very hard and he is the best father and husband ever, but yes, he often looks like he could use a good grooming."  

The winning duo spent the morning at Novo Spa in Toronto for a couples massage and facial, and his and her manicures and pedicures, followed by lunch at Tea Lounge.

"The whole day was amazing. But the organic facial was, by far, the highlight of our visit," Haifa told me. "I could not stop smiling as I listened to Ben ask his aesthetician all kinds of questions about his skin and how to take better care of it and the products and techniques she was using. She definitely got a good quizzing!"

Then they were whisked off to Taz Salon so Haifa could have her hair done, but more importantly, so Ben could get his 6 months of hair growth cut and styled and get a perfectly groomed 5 o'clock shadow (Haifa's favourite look on Ben—"it goes so well with his blue eyes and long brown hair") using the Philips SensoTouch 3D, followed by dinner at Trattoria Nervosa

Dads sure are unique, and each one has his own sense of style.

Yes, even Ward Cleaver. 

In addition to helping Ben with his style, Philips wants to help all of the men in your life give their grooming routine an upgrade and look handsome no matter what style they prefer — beard, mustache, goatee, 5 o'clock shadow like Ben, or smooth and clean-shave. 

Whether he's in a rush and needs a quick dry shave or he's prepping for an important day out and needs a wet shave, the Philips SensoTouch 3D is a wet and dry electric shaver, that will give him a flawless face every time. 

So even if you can't give your man a pampering day at the spa, you can still give him spa-like experience at home.