Ali Martell: From Hemlines to Heels


How Do You Feel About Selfies?

But First, Let Me Take A Selfie

Let's talk about selfies

The mere mention of the word usually brings up a lot of feelings in people. You love them! You hate them!

Up until recently, my strongest feeling about selfies was that I find the word 'selfie' kind of annoying and awkward (and, well, I do have thoughts about the use of DUCK FACE in them). You take selfies? Great. You don't take selfies? Fabulous. Much like many, many things in life, I'm good with the you do what you do and I'll do what I do philosophy. Except leggings as pants—those are never okay. 

But I started realizing that as the photographer in my family, I have a plethora of photos of my children, of my husband, of my friends—but almost none of me. The only photos that include me are the ones that I take myself. I have asked my husband to take photos of me in the past, and he loses patience after about, oh, the first shot. I kind of have this, uh, blinking problem in photos.

But here's the thing. I absolutely love seeing pictures of my mom when she was younger. I love seeing how her clothing style and hairstyles changed from when she was a teenager to when she first became a mom to when she had me. I love seeing her choice in sunglasses and bikinis (Yes, bikinis!) and even her maternity clothing. 

My mom was kind of a fox.

So I have been making a conscious effort to take more selfies lately. I want these moments, even the mundane ones, to be documented. I want my kids to one day look back on my striped shirt phase and my fringe bangs. 

The photos aren't perfect—why does my forehead look like a fivehead? Am I really that pale? Was my nose always that shape—They are silly, and funny, and awkward at times—but they are snippets of me. 

They are snippets I want to remember, and snippets I want my kids to be able to see. 

The same way my blog will be a record for my kids to see who I was when they were growing up—the woman behind the mom—these selfies will give them a little insight into who their goofy mama was.

And maybe they'll even say I was once kind of a fox too. 

But can we maybe just call them something else?