11 Great Holiday Gifts for Kids

Affordale out-of-the-box gifts for kids this holiday season

11 Great Holiday Gifts for Kids

great holiday gifts 2013

Here are 11 Great Holiday Gifts For Kids.

Although, if I'm being perfectly honest, it's 10 great gifts and one you may not get out of giving this year.

I like to think outside the box when it comes to giving gifts to my own children, and when it comes to my nieces and nephews too. And these are a few of the gifts we are buying this year!

1. Kubix Blocks, $44.95, In this set of 100 blocks, the creation possibility are endless. These are fun for kids of all ages—perfect for non-electronic play!

The possibilities are endless with this high quality and colourful wood block set. - See more at:

2. Pancake, Eggs, and Bacon Breakfast Play Food Set, $7.06, Etsy. These are amazing, and the price point cannot be beat. Check out this seller's other felt food items, including chicken nuggets, enchiladas, and a full steak dinner. AND! Use coupon code SHOP20 at checkout for 20% a minimum $10 Purchase.

3. 2013 Limited Edition Starlight Bear — Beario, $14.99, ToysRUs. This one is near and dear to my heart and when you purchase Beario, a portion of the sales going directly towards brightening the lives of Starlight children. Beario was designed with the help of Starlight Foundation child Dylan and his big brother Connor. Read his story here.

4. Inukshuk in a Sack, $19.95, I love decidedly Canadian gifts, so this is obviously at the top of my list. Kids can create and recreate their own Inukshuks using beautiful pieces from the oldest rock formation on the planet, the Canadian Shield!

Kids can create and recreate their own Inukshuk using beautiful pieces from the oldest rock formation on the planet, the Canadian Shield! - See more at:
Inukshuk In A Sack
Inukshuk In A Sack®

5. Furby BOOM, Festive Sweater Edition, $59.99, ToysRUs. Does the Furby really need any explanation other than if you buy one, you get to wear the Parent of the Year sash and tiara. Your kids wants one—end of story.

6. Girls Initial Necklace, $15.79, Etsy. This necklace from EllisAndPip is just adorable and perfect for any little-to-big girl in your life. It's cute enough for the young, and sophisticated enough for even the tweeniest of tastes.

7. Elemental Blocks, $36, Uncle Goose. Perfect for the budding scientist on your list, this set includes the entire periodic table of elements on 20 hand-crafted wood cubes. Each block contains six element images with their atomic number, symbol, and name.

8. Make Your Own Snowglobe Kit, $28, Uncommon Goods. I love crafty-type gifts and with this one, you get a great gift at the end, and not an art project you simply throw away.

9. 3000 Rainbow Loom bands, 90 c-clips, and case, $37.90, Etsy. Rainbow Looms are all the rage these days. And while many kids already have the loom, they will love this gift. Not only is it a boatload of new bands in so many different colors, but it's a place to STORE all those mini bands. So basically it's a gift for parents too.

10. Storybook Puppets, $44.18, Uncommon Goods. I cannot tell you how much I love these. Not only are they one-of-a-kind and handmade, but they are recycled. It's true! They were born when their creators stumbled upon a heap of unwanted sweaters and shirts and they began transforming the old fabrics into a line of new, snuggly, imaginative children's toys and accessories that encourage early learning and individual expression through creative design, wonder, and storytelling. Amazing, right?

11. Crocband™ Kids LEGO®, $34.95, Crocs. (Note: These are actually half the price if you order now—50% taken off at checkout.) My son loves LEGO and his CROCS—he will love these.


11 Great Ways To Wear Fair Isle This Winter

Fair isle patterns seem to be everywhere these days—on socks, tights, sweaters, and scarves

11 Great Ways To Wear Fair Isle This Winter

11 Great Ways To Wear Fair Isle This Winter

Last year, I went shopping the day after Christmas.

I know, you are shocked.

I found the perfect fair isle sweater at J.Crew. It was price slashed and price slashed and price slashes again all the way down to a price that was almost laughable for J.Crew. It was in the $20s. It was the last one left, and it was in my size. "You better snatch it up. We've had three calls already about that sweater," said a very wise employee. And the sweater was mine. And I overwore it last winter. I forgot about it until the weather plummeted recently and I went running to the back of my closet to pull out all of my favorite sweaters and then I remembered how much I love fair isle. And then I started seeing it everywhere—in store windows, in flyers, on models. That's always the way, isn't it?

Fair isle, for the uninitiated, gets its name from a small island in northern Scotland, and refers to "any colourwork knitting where stitches are knit alternately in various colours, with the unused colours stranded across the back of the work." For me, it's less technical and more I-know-it-when-I-see-it.

And I'm seeing it a lot these days.

Here are 11 Great Ways To Wear Fair Isle This Winter:

1. Fair Isle Sweater Scarf, $19.94, Old Navy Canada

2. HUE tights, $18.08, Macy's

3. Maysi Fair Isle Sweater, $213.84, Nordstrom

4. Phoebe Lurex Reindeer Jumper, $63, Fat Face

5. Holiday Sweater In Snowflake, $62.29, ASOS

6. Jolie Fairisle Bird Jumper, $96, Monsoon

Jolie Fairisle Bird Jumper
Jolie Fairisle Bird Jumper

7. Fair Isle Striped Sweater, $96, Madewell

8. Lodge Fair Isle Mitt, $48, Roots

9. Lofty Cotton Blend Fair Isle Turtleneck, $75.67, Lands' End. I also love this comfy black and white sweater from Forever 21, for only $22.80

10. Oslo Cardigan Sweater, $62.96, Eddie Bauer. I also love this cardigan from American Eagle, on sale for $52.13

11. Cozy Fair Isle Socks, $8.95, Gap Canada



5 Pairs of Cowboy Boots That Won't Break Your Budget

great pairs for fall and winter 2013

5 Pairs of Cowboy Boots That Won't Break Your Budget

My obsession with the Frye Deborah Studded Boot has been a family joke for years.


I once saw a photo of Miley Cyrus wearing them—trashily, a little bit—and I have vowed to make them mine ever since. The only problem, of course, is that they are 706 dollars and 40 cents. Oh yes. These babies never go on sale. $740.40.

But, sigh, look at how beautiful.

I mean, they are perfection.

But completely and obnoxiously out of my price range. So, these guys won't be mine. BUT! I'm willing to look for a pair of cowboy boots that might fit a bit better into my pocketbook price-range.

Here are 5 great pairs of cowboy boots for fall and winter that won't break my—or your—budget:

1. French Tall Cowboy Boots, $59.95

2. Heritage Western J Toe Boot, $131.43

3. Capri Boot, $152.56

4. Western Embroidered Design Boot, $68.95

5. Crater Bone Inlay & Studs Boot, $266.95