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How To Grow Out Your Bangs Without Losing Your Mind

Finished with your fringe? Don't fear!

So, you've grown tired of your awesome fringe bangs

They were a great change, they were fun, but now you are over them, but you keep going for trims (or—gasp!—you are trimming them yourself) because the thought of growing out your bangs seems daunting and intimidating. (See also: annoying.)

But, as someone who has cut her bangs and grown them back out only to cut them again, I have become somewhat of an expert. And truthfully, if you are armed with two important tools — bobby pins and headbands, and combine them with a little patience and ingenuity, growing out your bangs is a piece of cake. 

There is a time commitment involved in growing out your bangs, but know that the most annoying and awkward stage really only last for a short time. 

When your bangs reach this length, your choice, basically, is to fish or cut bait. To grow or to visit the hairdresser.

If you choose to go ahead and grow, here's a step-by-step guide to growing out your bangs without losing your mind

1-3. Begin sweeping your bangs to one side. Note: It will look super strange for the first little bit, but in a few short weeks, it will start to look like you have purposely cut them to be swept to the side. 

4. Try a bang braid! You can bang braid even the shortest of bangs. 

5. Clip your bangs to the sides. Note: While your bangs are still fairly short, you may have to secure them closer to the top of your head.  

6. Headband!

7. Pull your bangs to the top of your head. Note: Be careful not to make it look too '90s poof/bump-it. 

8. Slick your bangs back with a little product and secure with bobby pins. Note: You can flat-iron your bangs away from your face to make slicking back slightly easier. 

9. Congratulations! Depending on how quickly your hair grows, within about 6 months or so, you should be able to step out, un-tooled. 

Until, of course, you decide to cut your bangs again. 

After all, bangs are awesome.