They are words to live by. And so, I do. |
They are words I live by. And so should you. (Number #18 is our favourite.)
Interntational Women's Day |
As far-fetched as these future events sound, they'll still happen before women reach equality.
Every day I wake up and put on my armor for myself and my family. But relapsing is not my worst fear - it's passing it on to my three beautiful girls.
With over 50 years of parenting under her belt, this mom still learned a new all mothers should know.
The next time you are faced with a difficult decision that compromises your health in even the smallest way, ask yourself this one question.
It's the smallest things—like a photograph—that lead us to see the big changes in our children.
Gurpreet feels her best when she's wearing makeup and has her hair done but now she's worried that her actions speak louder than her intentions and words.
I want to show it over and over again to my daughter and say, “THIS! THIS is what is possible for you. You can’t do as much as a man. You can do SO MUCH MORE.”