What I Really Want For Valentine's Day

Gifts for when you don't like chocolate or flowers

What I Really Want For Valentine's Day

I am girl who doesn't like chocolate or flowers or most jewelery. 

Yes, it's true. No chocolate. 

But, I'm also a girl who is easy to please, mostly because I adore practical gifts. You want to buy me a vacuum cleaner? Go for it! A coffee maker? Yes please. Lights and umbrellas for my photography studio? Nods head in giddy anticipation. 

I have also been eyeing these lovely things lately, that are a good mix of practical, pretty, and just downright I will kiss you so hard if I opened a box and this was in it. Ahem. 

Here are 8 Gifts I Really Want For Valentine's Day:

1. I Heart Umbrellas umbrella, $29.99, ModCloth

2. Ixora Blossoms Necklace, $48.00, anthroplogie

3. Infinity chevron scarf in red, ONLY $5.95!!, Etsy

4. Pad printed bowls, $9.38, West Elm

5. First-edition Franny and Zooey book, $250.00, Brian Cassidy, Bookseller. This is my all-time favorite book. Is there anything more romantic for a book lover than a first-edition? NO THERE IS NOT. 

6. Lazypants sweatpants in red, $80.00, lazypants.com. Comfy and cozy enough for these freezing Toronto days—Un-shlumpy enough to wear if someone were to drop by unannounced. The red color is gorgeous. 

7. Ribbon heart dishtowel, $18.00, anthropologie. 

8. Red bird case for iphone, $50.95, zazzle


Spill It: What do you have your eye on for this February 14th?

Whether you embrace the romance of or refuse to partake in forced declarations of love, our Valentine’s Day page is filled with articles, crafts, activities, and food to fit your mood.


Hits and Misses From The Golden Globes Red Carpet

My daughters and I dish on dresses at the 2014 Golden Globes awards

Hits and Misses From The Golden Globes Red Carpet

I love awards season, and it's no secret that the red carpet is my most favorite part, although if I'm being honest here, it's extremely possible that I loved the tag team duo of Amy Poehler (who won for Parks and Recreation—YAY!) and Tina Fey even more. Their monologue alone was a little piece of perfection.

(Way better than Elisabeth Moss giving the finger on the nail cam, which I personally found kind of in poor taste)

Last night, I had the pleasure of sitting down with both of my daughters to dish on dresses—and makeup and accessories and hairstyles too. It was amazing to see what they liked and what they didn't like.

"Taylor Swift is perfect. Always," says Emily, at almost 13.

"SPARKLES!" says Isabella, marveling at Michelle Dockery's dress, age 8.

"Ponytails do not belong on the red carpet," says Emily.

"How is she going to sit in THAT?" worries Isabella.

The three of us got together after the red carpet to picks our hits and misses to share with you.

(For the record, the girls disagreed with me about all of the interesting man hairdos—looking at you, Jordan Catalano, I mean Jared Leto, and Alex Ebert)


I love Zosia Mamet—and not just because I love Shoshana Shapiro on Girls—so much. And posture aside, I thought she looked stunning in this Reem Acra dress. No one said a word about it last night on social media, but look at it! It's lovely! And her newly bobbed hair? Perfect!


Amy Adams in Marchesa. Cate Blanchett in Armani Prive. Taylor Swift in Carolina Herrera.

These ladies looked gorgeous. Red hot and classy. I love that Amy Adams stayed theme-y with her now-Golden Globe-winning role in the fabulous American Hustle. Girl may never again wear a brassiere.


Rocsi Diaz in J.Mendel. Emilia Clarke in Proenza Schouler. Michelle Dockery in Oscar de la Renta.

And these, you guys. Again, no one talked about these much last night but I actually surprised myself by how lovely I thought they were. I don't always gravitate towards nude-ish colored dresses on the red carpet, but I love them here.



Jennifer Lawrence in Dior. Zoe Saldana in Prabal Gurung. Zooey Deschanel in Oscar de la Renta.

And now, here is where I probably lose some followers. I love all three of these women—as actors, and as people. And I think this right here is a case of being allowed to love the actor, but not the dress. Because hoo boy did I not like these dresses. Even a little bit.

See also: Sandra Bullock.

Emma Watson in Dior.

I am confused about this entire look. Like, Julia-Roberts-and-her-men's-dress-shirt-under-her-formal-dress confused. I love that she did something different, pushing the envelope here, but it just doesn't work for me. Her overlay had potential to be a lovely dress, but it doesn't seem to fit her properly, and reminds me a bit too much of something our of Star Wars. And the pants. THE PANTS!


Who were your fashion hits and misses last night? Have I missed anyone?


10 Great Black And White Cold Weather Accessories

Because there are still SEVENTY days until Spring

10 Great Black And White Cold Weather Accessories

So, it's cold in Canada.

Actually, it's cold everywhere.

Except California.

Thanks, Polar Vortex.

I'm not really a fan of cold in general, mostly due to some really poor circulation and the body constitution of a 95-year-old grandmother. In fact, most of the winter you can find me hibernating in front of my fireplace in my warm jammies, because I like to feel my fingertips, and I have nightmares about losing my toes to frostbite. As you may have guessed, I don't participate in winter sports, and YES I KNOW I LIVE IN CANADA. Sometimes, though, my life requires me to emerge from my heated home and go out into the cold, cold world, where good (and cute!) cold weather accessories are essential.

And that is how I came to buy myself this $12.50 gift right here, because if I can't laugh about below 0 temperatures, I'll go mad.

Kidding aside, I've rounded up some of the other black and white cold weather accessories that are currently at the top of my wishlist.

Because there are still SEVENTY days until spring.


1. 'Hearts' Muffler, $24.71, Nordstrom

2. Park to Park Scarf, $21.99, ModCloth

3. Striped Long Glove, $35.99, Banana Republic. If you order today, you get an extra 40% off this price!

4. "Cheer Up" Beanie Hat, $12.50, Garage

5. Hooded Puffer Jacket, $129 (GREAT PRICE!), Barneys New York

6. Infinity Scarf, $15.00, Le Chateau

7. Hummingbird Print Scarf, $16.90, Delias

8. 'Touch' Knit GlovesGood for using tech!—$23.84, Nordstrom

9. 'Scandi Fair Isle' Snood, $40.90, Nordstrom

10. Canada Pom Pom Toque, $36.00, Roots