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Adele Naseem And Other Lovely Ladies Stun On The Red Carpet

It was a wonderful night for Oscar fashion

So, it seems that John Travolta and his Lego person hair needed some attention last night.

I get it—presenters aren't there to be fawned all over; they are there to fawn all over other people. It can be humbling, I'd guess. 

(Although I'd like to take a minute to fawn all over just-a-presenter Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his adorable socks, if I may.)

Travolta is a repeat attention-seeking offender on the Oscar stage. I mean, who remembers last year when he presented Les Miserables?

You know who I bet remembers! Idina Menzel.

Or, you know, her doppelganger — Adele Naseem.

(No, it will never not be funny.)

But while we're all still laughing at the tweets and BuzzFeed posts about Travolta's flub, we are missing something really, really important. 


Can we talk about her dress for a minute?

Because it was easily in my top three favorites of the 2014 Oscars. 

Stunning in Reem Acra. 

Rounding out my other favourite two should come as no surprise to any of you — everyone seemed to love them.

Lupita Nyong'o in Prada (and a headband!)


Cate Blanchett in Armani

I was surprised by how much I loved so many of the dresses last night — Sandra Bullock, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lawrence (even though she wore Oscar-curse RED), Kate Hudson (once she took off that cape-like thing), Amy Adams, almost all of the lovely pregnant ladies. Even Julia Roberts, who wore PANTS to The Golden Globes, looked lovely and classy. I was really impressed. 

I mean, just look at Bette Midler. 


Actually, I think the only dress I really didn't like was a shoulder-padded Naomi Watts. 

(And I was slightly confused by Emma Watson's choice in undergarments, and Anne Hathaway's choice in chest armor.)

Also, Pharrell wore shorts and no socks, but he's Pharrell so I can forgive him. Mostly. 

See what our fashion blogger Ashley's red carpet favourites were.

What about you? Who were your top 3 on the red carpet?