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What's Your Winning Story? Part 2

How Winning The Voices Of Motherhood Writing Contest Inspired This Winner

Back in January, I wrote a post where I shared after-the-prize-arrived stories from two winners from previous contests. In response to that post, Katie, from Sherwood Park, Alberta, sent this beautiful and inspiring "After the Prize Arrived" story that I feel compelled to share with all of you.
"My winning story happened after winning The Voices of Motherhood Contest in May 2011, for my essay, "The Joy of Being Kicked."
After years of letting my English Degree and passion for writing gather dust, I decided to share the story of my unexpected pregnancy with The Yummy Mummy Club on a whim.
I couldn't BELIEVE I won!! Hesitantly, I shared the link on my personal facebook page, begging facebook friends to "be gentle" with their comments. The inflow of support from friends, family and even strangers was amazing. With every comment, tears streamed!
Because of this support, and the outlet that the Yummy Mummy Club provided, I set up my own blog, Young Mum. This led to the publishing of several of my parenting/marriage articles on sites, including Oh Baby! Magazine, Reader's Digest Magazine, This Little Piglet Online Magazine, and a second article on the Yummy Mummy Site, "How to Keep Your Sex Life Alive."

Inspired by this success, I started my own freelance writing business, Young Mum Freelance. I write resumes, cover letters, speeches, blog posts, and perform various other editing and writing services for a cost. This has enabled me to stay at home with my three-year-old daughter, Cailena, and my three-month-old daughter, Chloe, while my husband works a variety of shifts as a Firefighter/EMT. 

Even more excitingly, the creation of this company has led to TWO of my children's books, which will both be published this spring!!
But most importantly, winning The Voices of Motherhood reminded me how much I need to write. It has "given birth" to many, many essays (love notes) that my daughters will have, even after I am gone. The act of writing serves as a cathartic release in my life, and is now very much a part of my new identity as a mother, wife, writer.
Thank you, Yummy Mummy Club; the opportunity you gave me changed my life, and gave way to immortalizing my experiences for my little girls, and to the world!"

Katie Bickell
Owner/Writer, Young Mum Freelance.

If you would like to read Katie's winning story, please click on the title of her essay, "The Joy of Being Kicked." And after the kids are all tucked in, please visit our Voices of Motherhood Writing Contest winners hub. Grab a glass of wine and a box of kleenex, and get ready to read more stories that will make you laugh, cry, and think. And who knows what these incredible stories might inspire in you!

Thank you, Katie, for sharing with us your story. We would like to wish you the best of luck with the launch of your children's books!

Congrats to all of our winners, and our heartfelt thanks to everyone who submitted an essay for the Voices of Motherhood Writing Contest!

Susie the Prize Queen

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