Voices of Motherhood

In our Voices of Motherhood Contest we asked members to submit an article on How Motherhood Has Changed You or How You Changed Motherhood.  With over 140 entries, our judges had their work cut out for them but were finally able to narrow it down to these top ten. Take a moment from your day to read these stories that will make you laugh, cry, nod your head in agreement and leave you feeling inspired.

I endure daily reminders that I have grown unimportant. If I’m no longer the person I once was with priorities, outside interests and work then who am I?
by: Maia Gibb
I'm not changing the definition of what it means to be a mother. Yes, what I'm doing is special, exhausting, powerful, invigorating and filled with oozing diapers and countless pots of tea but I haven't done anything that hasn't been done before me.

While shopping for kids’ shoes, this mom learned that not every decision must be difficult. Free from her life-long anxiety she embraced imperfection.
I will choose to focus on all I can do, all I have accomplished, and all the chances that lay ahead. At least today.

A sleep-deprived, emotion-filled and totally honest mummy of two under two surrenders her dreams of Supermum to spend a day in bed.
When an unexpected pregnancy rocked this 22-year-old’s world, she responded with fear, shame and sadness. But baby’s first kick changed all that.
After her three-year-old son passed away, Heather Hamilton continued to share his story. His strength and spirit inspired and changed her forever.
my sister had my baby
Being a mother to a baby who has died is a uniquely painful and simultaneously numbing experience.
When her son turned two, this mummy’s calendar filled up. Now she’s rocking the toddler social circuit with play dates, dance parties and new friends.