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Who Is The Prize Queen

Hi everyone, welcome to my very 1st BLOG!! I can’t believe that after more than three years of working quietly behind the scenes as The Prize Queen, I’m finally getting on the blog bandwagon. But what better way to reach all of you! It's such a great pleasure being The Prize Queen. Think about it. What better job can there be than telling people they have won a prize. It has also given me the opportunity to get to know our YMC members on an individual basis through email.  I must tell you that you guys (our members) are just awesome--so appreciative, heartfelt and often hilarious to get to know!

My blog will give me the chance to share my experiences of being The Prize Queen. Also, I’ll get to discuss our contests, give you yummy updates on what’s to come and share some of our winners’ stories.

But, for my first blog I would just like to give a huge thank you to all our prize providers, who support us, work with us and provide all these yummy prizes that we give to you!  And thank you, our loyal members who read our Yummy Mummy Club newsletter and visit our website.

Lastly what I’d like say to you is ENTER, ENTER AND ENTER OFTEN, because I’m sitting here with my dog Millie at my side, waiting to  send out my next email to tell a lucky member that guess what, you won!!