The Best Prize of All

A Prize for the Prize Queen on her Birthday

The Best Prize of All

I found this week's blog topic waiting for me on my pillow this morning: a birthday letter from my daughter, Lauren. I LOVE prize—as you can imagine—but sometimes it is the words from our children's hearts that is the best prize of all. Thought I'd share this letter with all of you.

Dear Mom,

Wow. I can't believe you're actually 52. I am not just saying this to be nice, but you actually don't look 52 at all. Maybe around 80. I'm joking. More like early 40s. I'm being one million percent serious.

I was thinking about it, and I think the word that best describes you is, thoughtful. It sums up everything you do for other people everyday. Honestly, you do so much for me and I love you so much for it. I may not show it sometimes, but I do. When I really think about it, I become that much more grateful.

We have the best relationship anyone could ever ask for. I always want to be this close with you, no matter what. I know I get mad at you and we get into fights, but we always manage to forget about it, and go on with our lives. I want it to always be this way with you. I will do all I can to keep it this way. I promise.

I love you.

You are my mom and I will always cherish you.

You are always there for me no matter what.

You are the easiest person I know to be around.

You know how to make everything you do fun.

I  don't like games. But, when I'm playing with you, I have the best time, we always laugh.

You inspire me to be the best person I can be.

You mean the world to me.

I love you. I honestly could go on forever, but for now this is all.




P.S. I was so wrapped up in writing, I forgot to say the most important thing. Happy Birthday!

And she even wrote it in large font, so I could read her letter without my reading glasses!

So to all you moms, when you are not feeling appreciated by your kids ( which I know can sometimes feel like daily) just remember that my daughter's words reflect how your children truly feel about you too. As my daughter Lauren explained, they just may not show it sometimes.

Susie the Prize Queen



YMC Tip Of The Month Contest

Share Your Best Tip And You Could Win $100!

YMC Tip Of The Month Contest

Did you know that we have a monthly contest where you can submit your best how-to tip on a variety of topics, including Family, Style, Health, Food, Culture, Home, and Life? If your tip is the best of the month, you will win $100 from YMC!

Recently, Anu Chopra, from Mississauga, Ontario, won $100 cash for submitting what we thought was the best tip during the month of January. Anu shared her tip on how to clean out plastic straws. You know, the fun, fancy, and colourful ones that your kids just love and you love, because your kids will drink just about anything (I mean milk!) if they can use that straw. Just click on Cleaning Out Plastic Straws to find out how to finally clean those straws, using Anu's simple tip. But wait, there's more . . .

I know I'm guilty of eating the tops of muffins first and wishing the entire muffin was just one huge, crispy, yummy top. Well, if that's your wish too, then click on February's best tip, submitted by Patricia Smith of Ottawa, Ontario, for her quick recipe on how to Bake Easy Muffin Tops. Yum!

If you have a quick tip that you would like to share, click here to find our monthly Submit A Tip Contest, or please go to our contest page, submit your tip, and enter to win $100! 

Hey, and remember, it's a monthly contest, so please feel free to enter often. After all, the life of a parent leads to many creative, quick ways to master our day-to-day activities.

Best of luck and we've got tons of other tips for you to read. Just click on TIPS!

I can already hear you saying, " What a great idea!"

Best of luck,

Susie the Prize Queen


Becel Heart Your Heart Contest Winner

The Winner of the $1,800 Heart Health Prize Pack is...

Becel Heart Your Heart Contest Winner

Back in February we asked you to visit our YMC Facebook page and leave a comment telling us what you are going to do to take care of your heart. Well, just for making that pledge YMC members were entered to win a Becel Heart Health Prize Pack valued at $1,800!

This prize included:

 Spa Finder gift certificate for $1,500
 Registered Dietician consultation for $200
 Gift Credit card for $100

Our lucky winner of this healthy prize is Lisa North, from Vancouver, B.C. And it couldn't have come at a better time for Lisa, because she had been so under the weather when I sent her an email to tell her that she won that she initally didn't see it. Once she felt a bit better she sat down at her computer and there it was! Nothing like winning a prize to make you make feel better.

Congratulations Lisa and thanks to all who entered!

And remember your pledge to yourself.

With lots of 'Heart'

Susie the Prize Queen