One Direction World Retail Pop-Up Shop Revealed!

Head to Yonge & Bloor in Toronto to buy 1D back to school stuff

One Direction World Retail Pop-Up Shop Revealed! contest? When it comes to popular boy bands there is no contest, as One Direction wins every time. North America's first ever 1D World Retail pop-up shop opened in Toronto on Saturday to hundreds of screaming tweens and teens, many of whom camped out overnight, just to make sure they were the first to enter.  This store, which is only open until September 2nd, is filled to the brim with One Direction merchandise that the 1D fan in your home will love! 

I received an invitation to have a sneak peak inside the store before it opened to the public. So this past Saturday, I ventured downtown with my daughter at 6:30AM to do just that. Once we got off the subway all we had to do was follow the sounds of screaming fans to find the store. When we got there, the windows were covered in paper, so we had no idea what we would find once we entered. A "Directioners" dream come true is what we found. One Direction fans will have the opportunity to purchase exclusive and limited edition merchandise such as posters, jewellery, T-shirts, bags, pencil sets, journals and the list just goes on and on. Prices range from $5 up to $150.00 for a complete set of ID dolls! 

If you want to treat your "Directioner" to a super fun shopping experience, send her/him down to the 1D World Retail Store located at 680 Yonge Street in Toronto. The store is open from 9:00AM - 6:00PM daily until September 2nd.

My daughter is obsessed with Niall. Who does your "Directioner" love?

Susie the Prize Queen