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Amazing Crowdsourced Video Showcases Diverse Dads

Andrew Austin Pays Tribute to Everyday Dads

Andrew Austin Father's Day Video

Something that has become an interest of mine since becoming a dad is the changing definition of the role and how I could put my own spin on it. I have several role models that I look up to for different reasons, and each one shows me how the traditional definition of a dad is no longer relevant. In fact, there is no one bucket you can put all dads in, and I think that is fantastic.

On that note, I was introduced to this awesome video from Sarnia-based singer/songwriter Andrew Austin. Austin took his debut single, "To Love Like This Again," and produced a crowdsourced video tribute to fathers and their changing role. Austin wanted to highlight how fathers are no longer just fun playmates and support for mothers, but rather fully capable parents who are increasingly taking on all the traditional duties reserved for mothers.

“The gender norm is changing and it’s awesome,” said Austin. “More and more, real world fathers are engaged, involved, and doting. They’re taking paternity leave and taking over more domestic duties. They are involved in their kids’ lives and proud of it. Everyone’s lives are enriched by this.” Austin crowdsourced the video through friends, parenting forums, and word of mouth, compiling a ton of great footage of everyday dads just being themselves with their kids.

The thing that sticks out most to me in the video is how each dad represents the diversity of dadsdifferent races, backgrounds, stylesthere is no one right way to be a dad. The days of dads being a sitcom punchline are over. It’s time for the media to catch up.

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