Nadine Thornhill: Mummy Sex


These Instagram Dads Won The Internet This Week!

Love, diversity, and sexy arms, FTW!

instagram sexy dads

Have you seen the Instagram pics of  Kordale and Kaleb? The two beautiful dads and their equally beautiful kids have been making the Internet rounds this week. Are you swooning as much as I am?  These photos fill my heart with warmth and glee (and a few very womanly feelings), because:

1. Hair Grooming!

Kinky textured hair takes some hard core commitment. I know, because I have it. It takes serious parental commitment to maintain those coily locks and it looks like these dads have it in spades. And word to the grimacing daughtergurl, I feel your pain!

2. Other Types Of Parents Exist!

Most of us know this, at least on an intellectual level. And while same-sex couples certainly shouldn’t have to emulate the heterosexual family model in order to gain acceptance, it is nice to be reminded that parenting is doneand done wellby a broad spectrum of people. I think it’s valuable to have that diversity reflected in our media. Men, people of colour, queer folksthey’re in the trenches with everyone else. Represent!

3. A Little Bit Of Sexy

What’s the male equivalent of Yummy Mummy? Foxy Father? Delicious Dad? Whatever it is, these guys, in addition to melting my heart, are turning my crank. I applaud both their commitment to child rearing and showing off their forearms. Seriously, folks, check out those guns! Thanks Kordale and Kaleb, for the inspiration . . . and the eye candy!