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How To Dispose Of Your Sex Toys

Don't toss that old vibrator overboard!

Earlier this month, Norwegian fisherman, Bjoern Frilund, found a red bunny-rabbit vibrator in the belly of the cod he caught. While it’s true these types of vibrators are known for their multi-functionality, fish food is not part of their intended use.

Nothing lasts forever, including sex toys, and so when the fun’s over, don’t just toss them overboard. Instead, apply the three “Rs” of waste management and dispose of your toys the responsible way.


When I first started using sex toys, I spent little bits of money on a lot of different gadgets. Soon I found myself with a large collection of average quality stuff, which didn’t stand the test of time and had to be thrown out. Over the years, I learned more about what type of toys my body liked best and I was able to invest more money in fewer, higher quality items. Toys made of materials, like high grade silicone, metal, tempered glass, and leather, have a higher price tag, but with proper care they can last for decades, leading to less waste and lower long-term costs. If you’re looking at vibrating toys specifically, features like an internal rechargeable battery or waterproofing go a long way towards extending the life of your product.


In some cases, specific sex toys can go to a new home. First, the entire toy must be made of a non-porous material, like 100% silicone. These types of materials don’t absorb bacteria from the body, so as long as they’re properly cleaned, they won’t transmit anything from one person to another. And speaking of cleaning, you’re going to want to sterilize that sucker. The easiest way to do that is by boiling your toy, which means anything with a motor, or bits that might melt is out. Finally, if you’re considering the second-hand toy route, I strongly recommend that you only take from people that you know personally and really, really trust. Ebay is not the place to buy pre-loved sexy playthings.


Some sex toys can be recycled at specialty processing plants, where old toys are either professionally sterilized and restored, or ground up and the materials are remade into new toys. It’s a relatively new process that’s slowly gaining traction, so check with your favourite toy retailer or manufacturer to find out if recycling options exist in your neck of the woods.

Toss It . . . Just Not Overboard!

Sometimes when you’re done with a toy,  the best option is to trash it. In which case, dump it in a garbage can, not the water. :-)

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