The Ad That Puts A Hilarious New Spin On "Faking It"

Periods ARE a laughing matter

The Ad That Puts A Hilarious New Spin On "Faking It"

aunt flo

It's all menstruation all the time with me these days! Now that I’ve covered the basics of having hot, period sex, I have to share what has become my favourite video of the week—this long-form ad for Hello Flo.

Hello Flo is awesome for a number of reasons. It’s a service that delivers pads, tampons, and other menstrual necessities right to your front door. In addition to a monthly subscription, they have special care packages, like starter kits and postpartum gear. And last, but certainly not least, their marketing is HI-larious! Check it out:

This is the mom I aspire to be. Also, if anyone knows where I can buy a uterus pinata, call me!

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